In the United States created the spacesuit-“quadcopter”

A new spacesuit for extravehicular space activity with improved recovery system was created by American designers from the company Draper. Unlike all previous models, they can be remotely controlled directly from the station in case the owner of the suit will not be able to set the mode returns when the cable is broken.


A new spacesuit is equipped with a remote control, but an autopilot for self-return to the ISS with the help of sensors and star charts. For this cosmonaut inside, you just have to click on “Take me home”.

The developers are now working to create a full featured display on the glass helmet of the suit.

As commented in the domestic NPP “Zvezda”, the Americans already have a spacesuit SAFER with the control system to return to the space station. But its drawback is that it can be done manually only the astronaut. A new invention should further protect the EVAs. In the USSR, too, at one time created a “space motorcycle”, able to return to the station in managed mode, but now our astronauts there is no system of refund in case of breakage of the cable.

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