Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce lost to Puff daddy

By the end of 2017, the world’s media is actively taking stock of the year, including music. American magazine Forbes has published its traditional rating of artists, managed to earn more than their colleagues. Criterion only — the amount of the Bank account. No matter how the performers were able to enrich themselves thanks to their brilliant songs or business.


Sean Combs better known as puff daddy (fans affectionately call him Diddy) took first place. His annual income amounted to $ 130 million. Fans remembered in 2017 bright his world tour “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour”. However, the artist hunted not only concerts, to strengthen the financial position helped him a contract with the producers of vodka, as well as the sale of shares in his company making fashionable clothes. For this transaction he received $ 70 million. Despite the laurels, the rapper in an interview with foreign media being modest: “actually I am an ordinary person, and each, in my opinion, can succeed, including financial. From age 12 I thought about the fact that in the future I want to do business and began to try to understand it from scratch — delivered Newspapers, worked at gas stations, on the dancer, even had a stylist. In General, I didn’t shun anything to get closer to industry.”

On the heels of the Puff daddy comes beyoncé, earned 105 million In support of his album “Lemonade” – she swept around the world tour “World Tour Formation”. The audience was shocked by her fabulous performance of the last ceremony of the Grammy awards, when the singer, just about to give birth, effectively tipping back in his chair during his room. Three leaders closes, another rapper — Drake (94 million dollars). He made a killing on the streaming services. And, like his colleagues, successfully gastroliver with “Boy Meets World Tour”.

Fourth singing of the rich became The Weeknd, which started a rapid path to success in 2010 thanks to the records online. 92 million he received for streaming royalties and their many concerts in different countries of the world. Behind him come the Brits Coldplay (88 million). This year they showed the wide audience the program “Head Full of Dreams”. In sixth place — the legendary Guns N’roses (84 million). A little less — 83.5 million – earned favorite young ladies Justin Bieber, not so much because of his show, as for the part in the advertising campaign of one of the world’s most famous fashion companies. Memoirs of a folk-rock performer Bruce Springsteen, along with his latest album “Chapter and Verse” went Bang, what helped the author to raise $ 75 million. Adele, last year received a bronze 80 million, dropped to ninth place, earning 69 million Metallica closes the top ten most expensive artists with an income of 66, 5 million as they have already received for the “Wired World Global Tour”, which will last until spring 2018.

In only 24 lines. The last was Jennifer Lopez and The Chainsmokers, who went for 38 million dollars. Compared to 2016, the picture has changed dramatically. In addition to Adele, the position passed Taylor swift and One Direction. If last year they took first and second place, but this didn’t even make the top ten.

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