Lyudmila Porgina: Karachentsova’s not depressed, he is cheerful and happy

Nikolai Karachentsov today struggling with a serious illness – he has discovered an inoperable tumor of the left lung. It is a heavy cancer is treated in several stages, and between courses of therapy is based on breaks in a few weeks. And friends are trying to make this pause as bright for the actor.

photo: Sergei Ivanov
Nikolai Karachentsov and Lyudmila Porgina

For example, three weeks ago, Nikolai Petrovich visited mount Athos. “We could not determine a method of treatment of the Pope, with medication, but having been there, understood it all, and now operate correctly,” – said the son of artist Andrew.

Returning from distant wanderings the artist of the family had a beautiful holiday with family and loved ones. In the theater “Modern” gathered the entire family – wife, daughter, son, grandchildren, colleagues in cinema and theater. The young performers danced step, the screens were recording the best performances and films with Karachentsov, there were records of his songs. Here was celebrated the 15th anniversary of the cultural Foundation of the artist, thanks to which on stage and in film there are a lot of projects.

“12 years ago, as you know, dad was involved in a severe accident. Then his health deteriorated – the father is currently unable to engage in active creative activity. But we have created the Foundation Nikolai Karachentsov that I wanted to preserve the memory about the name of the father, on his merits”, – said the actor’s son Andrew.

And the next day, December 7, Karachentsov second time visited the “chemistry”. Soon after the procedure, the wife of the actor Lyudmila Porgina plans to take him to St. Petersburg. “Not for a long time, I want to see my friends, I think to walk along Nevsky prospect, visiting theatres, to evaluate a new premiere,” – said Polina.

For the actor it became a real guardian angel, devotes his life to it, makes every day brighter and more interesting. Wife carries Karachentsov in the circus and overseas trips, so he doesn’t feel like a recluse. And there is the Nikolai Karachentsov everywhere people come, take autographs, take pictures with him – his attention is always moved to tears. Sometimes, he just cries from the realization that he is not forgotten and loved.

“Nick himself is very optimistic, smiles and says: “I will live! I am definitely going to live! – says Lyudmila Porgina. – No depression or discouragement from husband’s not – he’s cheerful and happy”.

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