“Medvedev has linked the non-admission of Russia at the Olympics the 2018 presidential elections in the Russian Federation

In his opinion, the IOC decision was taken “with the aim to create the right mood in society”

– The International Olympic Committee’s decision on non-admission of the Russian team at the Olympics under the flag of their country – political and not randomly made on the eve of presidential elections, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The decision of the International Olympic Committee there is another component that all too clear, especially in the current situation is a political component. This decision was made ahead of elections in our country, the election of the President to create the right mood in society,” – said Medvedev at the meeting of the Russian government.

He added: “abroad understands the importance for our citizens, like citizens of other countries, give the sport of high achievements. Every two years the whole country enthusiastically watching Olympic competitions, is happy and, of course, worried about our athletes.”

Medvedev stressed the vagueness and incompletion of the very definition of doping, noting that many are happy with this situation because nobody wants to change. “It is unfortunate when the “clean” athletes are faced with such injustice,” added the head of government.

The decision – only for athletes

The Prime Minister said that officials have no right to dictate to athletes, to go or not to go to them for the Olympics under a neutral flag. According to him, the government will support any decision the Russian Olympic team.

“For millions of our people this decision was a heavy blow, and for many of the Russian athletes a real tragedy, because the South Korean Olympics for some of them – this is the last chance to compete for the highest sporting award. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, athletes career is short-lived. To deny these athletes in the Olympics – is actually to break their life,” Medvedev said.

According to him, the athletes will get the admission, must decide – they go to the Olympics or not. “No one – neither the Federation nor the officials have no right to dictate to them what to do. It is their personal choice,” he said.

The violations were, and fight back

While Medvedev admitted that the doping problems in Russian sport, but said that Russia continues to eliminate violations.

“This decision (the decision of the IOC to suspend membership of the Russian Olympic Committee and ban Russian athletes to compete under the Russian flag – if), of course, there are actual and legal side. It is obvious that the doping problem was in Russian sports, we have them openly acknowledged, started active work on elimination of violations established an independent anti-doping Commission, national plan for the fight against doping in Russian sports. Was deployed, serious work”, – said Medvedev.

The last 1,500 samples of Russian athletes were “clean”, and it proves that the situation with doping in Russia is changing, and the situation with him is not worse than in other countries, he said.

The decision of the IOC

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 5 December suspended the national team of the Russian Federation from participation in the Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang in 2018 in connection with systematic violations of anti-doping rules. “Clean” athletes left to participate in the games under the Olympic flag and no national anthem. In turn, VGTRK announced that it would not broadcast the Olympic games without participation of the Russian team.

The decision regarding participation in the Olympic games will be taken at a meeting of the Olympic Assembly of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) on December 12.

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