“One-third of the Hermitage visitors visited the Museum for free

– The number of the Hermitage visitors in 2017 will exceed 4 million people, and about one third of them pass to the Museum for free tickets, said Museum Director Mikhail Piotrovsky to journalists on Thursday.

56% of visitors to the Hermitage purchased the full ticket reduced (for citizens of Russia and Belarus) bought 10% of visitors, free to the Museum have been 34% of visitors, he said. “I am proud that the visitors to take for free,” said Piotrovsky.

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As reported on the website of the Museum, a free Museum to visit the children of preschool and school age, students of educational institutions, students (regardless of citizenship), pensioners – citizens of Russia, etc. in addition, all categories of individual visitors can enter the Museum free on the first Thursday of each month.

“Visited us this year 3 million 839 thousand people. It’s 5% more than last year. By the end of the year will be approximately 4.1 – 4.2 million visitors. A small increase (in comparison in 2016 – Interfax)”, – said Piotrovsky.

Piotrovsky said that in 2017 the consolidated budget of the Museum amounted to 5 billion rubles, of which 45% – revenues of the Hermitage, the rest by state subsidies.

“The optimal ratio of 70 to 30, where 70% of the state funding. Creating a culture is possible only through society, it is the duty of the state. It is impossible to say that culture needs to earn”, – said the Director of the Hermitage.

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