Paper passport of the vehicle will cease to issue from July 1, 2018

The interior Ministry is preparing an official cancellation of by-laws under which every car owner should have on hand a paper passport of the vehicle — PTS. These documents are transferred to electronic form in July next year.

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On the website mandatory disclosure to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has already placed a draft government resolution, which cancels all the regulations that requires a paper title for all categories of vehicles. No special sensation in this. The fact that the government has long planned to lead to a full transition to electronic passports of the vehicle. So, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in the beginning of October 2017 signed a government resolution on the implementation of e-TCP, according to which from 1 July 2018, the paperwork will be terminated.

Previously issued passports will continue to operate after the introduction of “advanced” counterparts. A careful study of the text of the government resolution of October 5, it becomes clear that the electronic version will record all the information associated with the machine. There will be given, with the address, contacts and details of the taxpayer — which company it was manufactured or imported into Russia and what the dealer sold.

TCP will store the passport data of the owner, his INN, mobile number and e-mail. In addition, there will bring information on policy OSAGO, KASKO, the results of passing the state technical inspection, including mileage at the time. There will be displayed information about each repair and scheduled car maintenance, lists all the work done with the machine, as well as data service, they are carrying out. About every accident, which visited the car will also be a special entry in the e-title with the date, time and place of incident, description of the damage and the odometer reading. Of course, there will be recorded insurance payments on accidents, as well as all existing encumbrances (Bank, mortgage, inheritance, etc.).

Discussions on the transfer of the passport of the vehicle in digital format, the Russian Government began to circulate in 2016. Earlier it was reported that in debug mode the system e-title needs to earn from the beginning of 2018, and its implementation is engaged in the Corporation rostec.

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