Psychologists: the excess toys destructive to a child’s psyche

Toys are important to child to feel happy, and in order to enable them develop their imagination. However, too large a quantity not only may have the opposite effect, but lead to the development of a number of mental disorders in the first place — attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. To such conclusion the American experts from the University of Toledo in Ohio.


Scientists allowed 36 young children to spend half an hour in a room with some toys and watched as the young study participants with these items interact. In some cases toys were 16, and some only four.

As it turned out, children who got four toys, rather longer and spent time with each of them, and also showed during the games, more fantasy. At the same time, those who were in the room with 16 toys that interacted with each only briefly and was much less “involved” in the game. Apparently, whichever “set” of toys the child is not picked initially, and the rest distracted him and prevented focus.

Experts believe that the revealed differences may have a big impact on the psyche of children in the long term. According to scientists, to nursery age children acquire the ability to direct and hold their attention on any object, but has not yet reached this “skill”. A small amount of toys helps to develop this skill, while their abundance, in contrast, prevents this.

In addition, a small number of toy teaches a child to manage limited resources and to appreciate them — the realization of this concept will need them in the future, scientists say.

Experts also pay attention to the results of the previous poll, according to which the average American children have 238 of toys, but mostly playing with only 12 of them.

The study was published in the journal Infant Behaviour and Development.

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