“Resource Arzamas launched a radio

Educational resource Arzamas launched a radio special audio-app for smartphones.

“Collected here are lectures and other audio materials about the history of the culture — as published on the website of the Arzamas, and prepared specifically for the application. Subscribers to the app will receive about hundreds of hours of educational audio created by the best of humanitarian scientists. The app will be updated once a week”, – said the chief editor of Philip Dzyadko.

The app has three sections: “Courses”, “Podcast” and “Materials”.

In the “Courses” contains a series of lectures in history, Philology, art history and other humanitarian Sciences. “Podcast” is a program “inferiority Complex” in which the editors talk to by scholars, but later this section promises to complement. In the “Materials” are to audio summaries of the texts from the site, as well as archival records, comments researchers, scientists, stories, etc.

The app is free, but a subscription with full access to all records will need to pay.

“The launch of three premieres: “American literature of the twentieth century. Season 1” of Andrey astvatsaturov, “the adventures of Monet, Matisse and Picasso in Russia” Ilya Doronchenkov and “the World of the Eisenstein” Naum Kleiman,” – said in Arzamas.

Educational project of humanitarian knowledge Arzamas was launched in 2015. Known for its special projects, lectures, and reading videos.

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