Revenge of the bodies or problems with the Fund: the version of the arrest of a member of the PMC

Member of the PMC of Moscow Denis Elvira was detained in the night of Friday on suspicion of fraud (allegedly promised money to release person from detention) and placed in IVS on Petrovka.

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It Nabiullin was one of the most active human rights defenders, sent out in all instances of complaints of beating people in police stations. His arrest came exactly after a member of the PMC was told about the alleged torture of Ivan Vygolova — a student of Moscow, who was accused of the brutal murder and subsequent dismemberment of the Ukrainian girls (the crime occurred in Kiev).

Denis Nabiullin – member of the PMC of the new convocation. Before that, a few years engaged in protection of rights, was an assistant in the Committee for civil rights, where treated people with a variety of troubles.

– I have a small business, working wife, three children, in General, everything is good, but boring, he told me Dennis when I asked him on the forehead: “Why go to the PMC?”. There was a time when he tried to become a journalist in a major publication and even agreed to work without fees.

But money, as we know, not much happens. And Nabiullina blamed for the fact that a large amount of money promised to the family of the prisoner to release him. Here the question arises: is close this man did not understand that the member of the PMC there is no such authority and can not be? In jail, sends court, and only he can change the measure of restraint. Or Nabiullin promised to negotiate with the judge?

– It is clear that any can carry the roof, but to Denis?! – says the head of the Committee, member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights Andrey Babushkin. He was a volunteer in our organization I have a year and a half. During this time I sent him to help no less than 500 people, the vast majority of whom are poor. They have not that once there was no money, but they most needed to give them for food, clothing, lawyers, etc., Denis never once refused to help a poor, never hinted about some sort of reward. On the contrary, he spent their money. Besides, if something happened to him, of these 500 citizens well, at least one would do I have said about Denis. But no, nothing like that. In principle, any of the defenders someone anyone from the relatives of prisoners (for example, at the behest of careless militiamen, whose full power is the person in jail) can write — like, and asked for money. Where is the evidence? The word of one against the other?

There is, however, a caveat. Nabiullin not long ago created a Fund to help persons in places of detention. Some of us, colleagues in the PMC, tried to dissuade him: in our time, the Fund may become a direct road to prison. Anyway it is always better to PMC not associated with any funds, etc. despite the fact that the objective needs from the jail lot, and members of the Public oversight, COMEST don’t have the budget to help them, because often spend their own money.

I personally witnessed Dennis brought to the jail two projectors that I bought (now it “cool” movies for juvenile prisoners), books, clothes, etc. Could he buy all this not for personal money and for the Fund? I do not know. Was he someone from the relatives of prisoners to ask to transfer money there? I do not know. Is this a crime? Answer must be a consequence.

– Nabiullin was one of the most active members of our Council, says the domestic Secretary of the PMC in Moscow, Ivan Melnikov. – It is often the first went to an urgent message on state of emergency in places of detention. In the period of mass arrests of citizens at rallies, for example, it is a day to be able to visit more than a dozen police departments. After that, many of the detained people were released.

Facebook native prisoners published a letter of thanks to Denis. One of the latest examples: the wife of arrested businessman Darya Apolonskaya posted a letter to her husband: “did the members of the PMC, among them Denis Nabiullin said that it is possible to prepare an appeal to the Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, which will be in SSO on Monday. Thanks to Denis for the mood, asked about your blog “wife of a prisoner”. Smiling, support!”

His reports on the audits was the objective, and the recommendations are very accurate – picks up the Chairman of the PMC Vadim Gorshenin. But we can some moments just do not know and will not make conclusions until the investigation is over.

Recently Nabiullin has sent numerous requests to the Commissioner for human rights in Moscow Tatyana Putevoi (usually for wrongful arrest, too long a detention, being in jail people with severe illness, etc.), and that for each conducted test. The latter was the story of Ivan Vygolova. I have in my hand a statement which Ivan wrote in the name of Denis and that Denis then sent out in all instances. Here are some quotes from him:

“In prison I did beat operational. All injuries recorded. Yesterday, 17 November 2017, the senior investigator…. in the course of investigative actions have caused me bodily harm and breaking a finger. When I lost consciousness (the result of the hunger strike), he’s crushed right leg my head against the wall. I screamed from the wild pain. Then he pinched my hand.”

With great difficulty we managed to convince the guy to give up his hunger strike, and an important role was played by Denis Nabiullin (he informed the Prosecutor, he promised to come and settle, after which the prisoner calmed down a bit). The story of Ivan Vygolova deserves some investigative journalism. Nerd, a student I met through a social network “Vkontakte” with a girl much older than himself, living in Kiev. The girl was active in a group like the infamous “Blue whale”. Having education teacher and psychologist, she is, according to Ivan, could make him love me in absentia. In the end, he went out to her despite the protests of the mother. First personal encounter was unsuccessful, he returned to Moscow, but it soon became clear — the girl was killed. The version of the investigation about the involvement Vygolova to murder looks quite convincing. Ivan is guilty or not let the court understands, but in any case the investigator should not be acting like this. Just for the hunger strike of the prisoner and wanted to point out to the members of the PMC, not interfering in the investigation process itself. Maybe for this, and punished Elvira?

Eve MARKACHEV, the Deputy Chairman of the PMC of Moscow

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