Scientific Director Hoe went on increasing

The community Discerned drew attention to the new appointment, which has received the supervisor of the leader of the gang from the village Kushchevskaya Sergey Hoe, at the time, defended candidate’s dissertation. Professor Viktor Ilyin, under whose guidance and protection was held, cnfk Director of the Technological Institute (branch) DGTU in Azov.

Discuss this news in the “Discarnate” said in his Facebook journalist Sergei Parkhomenko he recalled that “it was Victor G. Ilyin, was the supervisor of a thesis on “socio-cultural features of the lifestyle and values of contemporary rural resident”, with which in 2009 the academic title of candidate of sociological Sciences received a man named Sergei Tsapok. The Sergey Tsapok, who led them by the gang cut a family of twelve people in the village Kushchevskaya”.

According to Parkhomenko, the fate of all ilina were interested in yet at the time of disclosure of the gang: then “academic status (Hoe – ed.) frightened canceled “due to revealed violations in the preparation and defense of a thesis”.

Now, however, it became clear that career Ilyin is not affected: “Congratulations to Viktor Grigorievich — ironically Parkhomenko. — I hope the new place he will continue to be held in higher esteem by teachers and students.”

On the website of the University, which now leads Ilyin, stated that the position he took up on 28 November. Earlier, the Professor worked as Vice-rector DGTU.

We will add that at the time of the trial of Hoe Ilyin has refrained from commenting colleagues said that he was “unwell” and could not inform exactly when it will be released to work.

Himself Tsapok gang activity which came to light after the murder of 12 people who died in prison in 2014. The cause of death alleged to have a stroke and congestive heart failure.

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