The abundance of toys in a child found to be harmful

A large number of toys in a child’s distracting the toddler, and devalues them in the eyes of the child, hinders creative development. To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Toledo (USA).


In the experiment, the scientists asked 36 kids to play in the room first with four toys, and then with 16. With a small amount of toys the children played for longer a long time considering each, inventing for them more gaming opportunities. Games with each of the dolls or cars was longer. Conversely, when children are offered a large number of toys, trying to pay attention to each of them, the kids did not stay long on the toy, trying as quickly as possible to take up the following.

According to experts, small children simply do not have adequate control attention in the presence of a large number of distractions and suggest home and in kindergartens to remove some of the toys from playrooms to provide the child with normal development.

Review of the doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Vladimir RUSALOV:

Even adults can’t hold its attention for more than seven (plus or minus two) objects, what can we say about children. For them approximately 5 years and established the rule of three (plus or minus two) objects, and for the younger ones — all one subject. A child receiving a toy, usually fixes their attention on it, examines, explores. The presence of other “distractions” makes him leave her, not having studied up to the end. Internal dissatisfaction with the situation, on the one hand, cause the baby’s inability to hold the attention, on the other — the inner frustration from unfulfilled actions. In extreme cases it can even lead to childhood neurosis, and certainly will not allow the tot to develop creative abilities and creativity.

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