“The authorities of the Russian Federation will not prohibit athletes to go to Olympics in neutral status

Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will not object if any of the athletes want to go to the Game in Korea in a personal capacity

Photo: Reuters

– The Russian authorities will not prevent the sending of Russian athletes for the Olympic games 2018 in Phenchhane in neutral status, said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

“We are, without a doubt, we will not declare any embargo will not stand for our Olympians to participate (in the Games), if someone wants to participate in a personal capacity,” – said the head of state while interacting with the workers of the Gorky automobile plant.

Спорт05 Dec 2017Российские Olympians will make a decision regarding the position of the IOC 12 decapacitate read more

On the eve of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to suspend membership of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), and at the winter Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang can only speak “clean” Russian athletes under a neutral flag. Ie. those who separate will allow the IOC.

The Russian leader added that “we still need to carefully read the decisions that is, to see on paper, know them in detail”. “The final decision, of course, must take the Olympic meeting,” said the President, Recalling that it will be held.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia itself gave rise to the decision the IOC on the Olympic team, but this reason is not quite fair used.

“First, we must admit that we partly are to blame because you gave the reason for this. And secondly, I believe that the occasion was used not quite honest way, to put it mildly”, – said Putin.

In addition, he said, “most of the charges based on facts that are not proven and are largely unfounded.”

“Based mostly on the testimony of man, moral and ethical attitudes which mental state which cause a lot of issues; anything else is simply no” – said Putin.

He recalled that in the conclusions it is written that in Russia there was no system of state support of doping. But if this is so, according to him, the question arises why the “Olympians are forbidden to act under the Russian flag and Russian symbols, if not state support.”

“Then punish those who are to blame. And secondly, if there is no state of doping, then why not compete under our national symbols. This, of course, the big question”, – Putin said.

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