The expert said, when the Russians will live long

Russians are living longer — this was on December 6 at a meeting in the state Duma said Veronika Skvortsova. And not just longer and 72.6 years, which is a national historic maximum. Since 2005, the life of the Russians became longer almost seven years of age: 8.6 years for men and five years for women. On the other hand, decreased the mortality rate for the first 10 months of this year by 2% compared to the same period last year.


Declined, according to Skvortsova, the infant mortality rate is 10.2%, which is more than two times in comparison with 2005.

At the same time the records at the front of the lifespan the Ministry of health reports constantly: in September this year spoke about the figure is 72.5 years.

It would seem that the reasons for such positive change is not — the level of health care, as the level of income of Russians leaves much to be desired. As it turned out, the main reasons for our dolgozhitelnitsy are not superlegerra or bulging wallet.

– There are two factors, explained “MK”, the Chairman of the Board of public organization “Council on public health and demography” Daria Khalturina. – First, we have a major success on the tobacco control front, and that’s a significant factor. A continuing decline in tobacco use. And secondly, substantial progress on the alcohol front. First of all, in terms of struggle against illegal alcohol. Now yegais (unified state automated information system) has spread to retail, many retailers illegal vodka was hard to work with, because every check must now include the QR code. And, apparently, the prohibition of sale of alcohol-containing liquids, which happened in Irkutsk after the tragedy, came to fruition.

– Now a historical maximum of 72.6 years. And are there any predictions to what numbers and in what time frame he can grow?

– He can reach the level of Europe — 84 years and more. Just have to stop to drink and smoke in such quantities. And, of course, life expectancy increases with income growth. In what time frame… it All depends on us. We, of course, the economy is over quickly raise, but to reorient the costs: medicine. This is really a controllable factor.

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