“The Federation Council will discuss personal sanctions against the leadership of WADA

– The question on possibility of application of personal sanctions against the leaders of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) will be considered at a special joint meeting of the Federation Council on 12 December, writing on Thursday “news”.

According to two senior sources, the newspaper in parliamentary circles, who will participate in the event, the meeting will be attended by Russian athletes, parliamentarians and diplomats.

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This information was confirmed by the newspaper the head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs Andrey Klimov. “As against Russia are professional people, we need to think carefully about our response. We know that U.S. officials had conversations with foreign diplomats and public figures, literally nauskivaya to use the sports theme against us. The people who pushed for this decision, are irrelevant to the sport,” said Klimov “news”.

“We need to bring them to the light of God and to demonstrate that this decision is not about sports. 12 December meeting, which will identify further actions. They need to expose and deal with them”, – said the Senator.

However, he drew attention to the leadership of WADA, which led to the decision to allow the Russian Olympic team for the Games in South Korea under a neutral flag. “More than half of the senior management of VAD – representatives of countries – members of the military and political Alliance, NATO, aimed against Russia. And this despite the fact that NATO represents only one-tenth of the world population. Agree, very strange proportion,” said Klimov.

He argues that “each of them works as a secret agent of the Alliance, but in practice it turns out that way”. “Yesterday from their actions affected our diplomats and the media-“registered as a foreign agent”, and today – Olympians. These are all different platforms which are used by NATO countries in order to reject Russia back”, – said Klimov.

According to sources of “Izvestiya” in parliamentary circles, the question of the necessity of sanctions against the leadership of WADA has been raised long before the recent statements of the Agency and the decision of the International Olympic Committee. At the meeting of 12 December, all offers will study more.

“Will consider the question of personal sanctions against the leaders of WADA, and to stop funding the organization,” said another high-ranking source of “Izvestia”, who will participate in the meeting on 12 December.

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