The return of the prodigal max: missing in Sheremetyevo airport, the dog was found

The ground staff of Aeroflot found a lost Dachshund named Max. After several days of searching the party found a stray dog near the fuel-filling complex of Rosneft in the territory of the airport Sheremetyevo. Max returned safely into the arms of happy owners who got together with the pet is a nice bonus.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

The eleventh of November in the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport landed flight SU1713 message Khabarovsk – Moscow. When unloading Luggage mischievous dog Max got out of the uncovered container and left the plane. Immediately after the incident, the staff of Aeroflot carried out independent searches, examined the surrounding territory, the owners of the dogs allowed to go out on the landing field, but Max didn’t respond. Later the search was brought kinologicheskaya service of the company and other employees, service field airport.

As reported in Aeroflot, the disappearance of the animal a thorough check, which revealed that the dog was missing due to the negligence of the handling company OJSC “Khabarovsk Airport”. Staff supports the airport company has taken on Board the aircraft container non-compliant animal transportation: the faulty lock of the cage was open, the transport was no seal. Belonging to a hunting breed of dog Max is easily left virtually open container and fled the plane during unloading of the Luggage in Moscow. The guilt of JSC recognized, added in the Aeroflot.

Despite the complexity of the operation – look for a small dog around the airport like a needle in a haystack, the search did not stop for the day. The owners of max repeatedly returned to the territory of the airport, trying to find a pet. Aeroflot employees were provided the maximum support in the search, informed the dog’s owners about all operations. A separate search campaign was organized in social networks: concerned users repost the posts about the search fees, encouraged the owners and expressed confidence in the imminent return of max home.

In the end efforts to find the Dachshund was a success. “Throughout this time we have not stopped looking, even for a day: made daily reconnaissance rides the restricted area of the airport and surrounding neighborhoods Sheremetyevo, checked the information coming from witnesses. The fee is already near a happy home,” wrote the staff of Aeroflot airline account in Facebook. The pet owners fees received from carrier the new solid cage that meets all the standards for pet transportation in the aircraft. Now Max will be able to safely travel, and the owners are calm for your pet.

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