The Russian “fast”, arrived on a call in Stockholm, puzzled users on the Network

In the heart of Stockholm the call to a patient arrived by ambulance with a Russian license plate. The amazing case was reported by the tabloid Aftonbladet, citing eyewitness named Mans Jonasson.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

A resident of the Swedish capital told the newspaper that “soon” Russian room arrived on a call of a man who became ill on the street. The man noticed that the car left the doctors in the form with inscriptions in Russian language.

Jonasson photographed the car and the fifth of December posted a picture on his Twitter. He also asked users not does anybody know where in Stockholm “soon” with the Russian numbers (apparently, the vehicle is registered in Saint-Petersburg).

Varför gör en insats på rysk ambulans Söder?

— Måns Jonasson (@mansj) 5 Dec 2017

Some of the subscribers suggested that the assistance was part of a movie. However, during the incident, cameras nobody noticed.

According to another version, bad became the employee of the Russian Embassy, so it came to domestic emergency. “The Swedish ambulance was less than operational” — ironically one of the commentators on Twitter.

The newspaper Aftonbladet said that the incident interested the local police, but to reveal the “secret” of the Russian “first” in Stockholm has not succeeded yet.

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