The speaker apologized and promised to protect “ordinary people”

Former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev made the last word in Zamoskvoretsky court. He has pleaded not guilty, asked for forgiveness and promised to spend the rest of life, protecting ordinary people. The sentence of ex-Minister will be announced December 15.

Ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, speaking with the last word in court, he did not plead guilty to the “absurd accusation”, which was brought to him. Recall that the former Minister was accused of receiving a bribe in 2 million dollars in the company Rosneft.

However, he pleaded guilty to that though, and served the citizens of Russia and tried to do their job well, but made a “woefully small”.

Then the speaker brought a detailed apology to all the people of the country.

“I too often chose the easy way out. Spinning in a bureaucratic runaround, received any gifts, he did them. Hypocrisy. Only once on the other side, you know how hard people live. And when you’re good, just turn away. Forgive me, people,” he said.

The former Minister also promised that all the appointed time is now, regardless of how his fate will be to defend the interests of the people.

Lakaev also stressed that he is already 62 years old and if he gets 10 years, it would be akin to a death sentence.

At the same time, he expressed the hope that the court will understand and realize that he was the victim of “horrific provocation”.

“The investigation and prosecution instead of to understand, stitched white thread. I just hope the court will rise above these insinuations and won’t take away the son in elderly parents and young children — father. It is difficult for them without me,” said the former Minister.

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