Twisting up the apartment, as in “twist of fate”, a Siberian jail for murder

The court in Bratsk has sentenced a local resident to 12 years of penal colony for the murder of a stranger he mistook for his wife’s lover. The investigation found that the man simply got the wrong house.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

25-year-old previously convicted man returning home at night, but being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, went to his house instead in a nearby similar location on the landing.

Outside the door, very similar to his own, the resident of Bratsk heard male and female voices. The door opened 40-year-old landlord, he took his wife’s lover and killed him with a knife in his chest.

The investigation revealed that the murder happened by mistake. “The convict just got the wrong house. In his opinion, if he had not been intoxicated, he would not have committed a crime”, – is spoken in the message on the website Padunskaya district court of Bratsk.

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