When the construction of the highway “Tavrida” found the decapitated remains of 70 people

In the Crimea on the construction site of a highway “Tavrida” discovered an ancient tomb where rested the remains of at least 70 people. The experts found that all of them were executed by beheading.

photo: pixabay.com

“We found two of the moat, which jammed the bones of beheaded people. The remains of more than 70 people, all without skulls, with traces of cuts,” – told RIA Novosti the head of the Crimean Novotroickoe archaeological expedition, leading researcher of the Department of classical archaeology of the Institute of archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Grandchildren.

According to the scientist, discovered in the mound of remains were dropped randomly. Experts believe that all the dead were victims of mass executions.

Archaeologists also suggested where he could get the skulls of those killed. According to them, in ancient times, they were impaled on stakes or stacked in a pyramid to intimidate.

Historians believe that the burial presumably was done in the period from X to XIII century. It is not excluded that a mass execution occurred during the capture of the Peninsula’s Tatar-Mongols.

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