How to cancel a live broadcast for new year’s programs

“On the main TV channels of the country every year twist programs like the “Blue light”. And I began to notice that before the behaviour of stars in them was so natural, and now it is not so! Why? Maybe due to the fact that before everything went live and is now in the record?”

Irina Ivanovna, 65, Vykhino.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Here’s how we answered the member of television Academy Anatoly LYSENKO:

— Actually “Blue light” and similar programs live is a legend. Since the release of the first report at the beginning of the 60s, it existed in this format, not more than fifteen years. The reason for this was the problems as organizations try to gather on a holiday so many eminent personalities at one place and purely technical difficulties. So the program started to record for 2-3 months before the holiday. Will tell you exactly: when you have a talented Director and teams you will never understand, write, or live, as in Soviet times.


“We decided with our neighbors to build a slide for children in the village. Well, I think, will make all under the law. I went to the administration, said we need to do the papers for the lease of land. Why? Why? There should be 10 square meters and the tractor, and so much red tape is just awful! It’s a building, say, though temporary. But the earth is now empty, and winter will be empty. And the administration will not build”.

Nicholas, Ozyory.

Specialist of Department on work with territories of the city district Balashikha Jeanne having finished:

— If the village is located within the urban district, residents should write a collective letter to the administration. If we are talking about the garden Association, then the Chairman of the SNT writes the notification to the local authorities with a request to agree on this issue. This notice will arrive in management on work with territories, which experts will have to request information about whether the land is municipal, the local Committee of property relations. If the land is municipal and there in the near future is the planned construction, build ice hill residents will be allowed. It is important during its construction to comply with safety — that was not there road.


“With the development of genetics it was scary to share my biological material with others. Here take natural hair that people sit on wigs. If then such a wig will come across some criminal and forensics on dropped out of his hair at the scene will define the DNA of the villain, but not of it? In this regard I have a question: for how long remains intact DNA in hair?”

Galina Yermolayeva, Naro-Fomisk.

Responsible head of the laboratory of genetic basis of cellular technologies of the Institute of General genetics him N. And.Vavilov of the RAS, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Sergey KISELEV:

— In the hair, no DNA, there is it only in the hair follicle. There is a danger of human identification by DNA can persist if the hair torn from the head along with the onion. But if shorn hair (and wigs, in my opinion, make it of cut hair), then there is DNA, you will not find this keratinized part of the epidermis. But in principle, if the reader is interested in, how many lives of DNA in tissues after death, I would say: a very long time in a frozen state it can be thousands or even millions of years.


“All my life I live in Moscow and never saw a live bullfinch. Although every year there are reports that they will fly to Moscow for the winter. Is this for real? Where to look for the bullfinches?”

Dennis, 35 years.

To see bullfinches really is not that simple — says ornithologist Vladimir Romanov. Due to the fact that they reside in the upper tiers of the trees. But to consider them is still possible. First, look to the berries. Rowan, hawthorn and other berries are the main diet of these birds. Secondly, I advise you to study their voice, it is easy to do using the Internet. They have a very distinctive hum, which is not difficult to learn. As soon as you hear the singing of bullfinch, raise your head up and try to see them. Because of their bright plumage they are easy to spot if you know where to look. Also can be hung in the berry feeder — bullfinch will definitely remember it and will arrive. Inside sprinkle of sunflower seeds, millet, oats, you can buy in the store frozen berries, defrost and put them.

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