Is it dangerous to overtake a car DPS

Many drivers, seeing ourselves the poop patrol car DPS, start to “hesitate” and don’t overtake the police, even if the traffic rules that no barriers set. Whether justified such behavior on the road?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

So, the situation: we go on the road (or street) and at some point a scolding a police car, following in the same direction with us. In the most General case, if you do not violate traffic rules, special attention on the part of law enforcement you, as they say, does not Shine. But here in the brain “light bulb” something servile, or if you want, “primitive”, and the Russian driver never even thinks, and feels on a subconscious level: “suddenly the security forces of the Lord deign to be offended when I overtake them, and will do for me is something bad?”.

Actually this is partly true: Barsky-oprichnina habits manifest in the behavior of a sizeable number of gentlemen, dressed in police uniforms. But not all.

Therefore, law-abiding motorist to expect trouble from any oncoming employee, of course, possible, but makes little sense in this is not seen. Traffic rules about overtaking the cars of traffic police speak clearly. According to them, it is forbidden to overtake a car in police livery with the included siren and flashing light. And if the policeman with siren enabled, and “chandelier” accompanied by a column or another car, it is impossible to overtake them.

But it is worth remembering that the SDA called the overtaking manoeuvre of advance of the other vehicle involved leaving the lane of oncoming traffic. This is a key nuance: police car maybe even all subsignals and obligates “chandelier,” but if you and her are going on adjacent lanes in the same direction multi-lane highway, your overtaking manoeuvre will not be considered, is “proactive”.

And if you are racing with a clear and large speeding on a machine present at the prescribed places license plates, which is not similar to one of the wanted cars, ahead of the police crew almost certainly even you do not pay.

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