It became known, what obvinyayut the main experts of the Ministry of interior: stung on microscopes

Details of the Scam, in which suspect the head of the forensic centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs the General-the Lieutenant of police Peter Grishin, Deputy police Colonel Oleg Mazur and businessman Sergey Narusova became known on Thursday, the Basmanny court, where he was elected the measure of restraint for the suspects. None of the three of them pleaded not guilty.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Oleg Mazur.

As reported by a reporter “MK” from the courtroom, according to investigators, the crime lab entered into contracts with companies controlled by Narutoo, the amount is overstated by 80 million rubles. After searches General Grishin filed a report on the release from office.

First chose a measure of restraint to the CEO of “Atif” 56-summer Sergey Narutoo. A man in a blue sweatshirt and sweatpants said that recently was operated on by urologists. The businessman even apologized for his appearance.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Petr Grishin.

The investigator Gavrilov said that Naruto was part of a criminal group, organized by the head of the forensic center of the interior Ministry Gisenyi and his Deputy Mazur, who was abducted budget funds in the state contract. The damage is estimated at more than 90 million rubles. Supposedly naruto of illegally received profit, and then distribute it among the members of this group through affiliated companies. His subordinates were sent commercial offers with inflated prices. In the case materials there are documents confirming the fact of overestimate of the prices of 27 million rubles for the purchase of six microscopes. It turned out that the microscopes are not suitable for work and do not meet the objectives of the Ministry”, – said the investigator.

The investigator was asked to arrest Narutoa for two months because the person has connections in law enforcement and real estate in Austria, where he can hide from the investigation. The lawyer recalled that in 2014, the businessman has undergone a cancer surgery, suffer from hypertension and varicose veins, you need to regularly take antibiotics and to put a dropper. It is curious that the Prosecutor has supported the defender. But Narutoa still arrested.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Sergey Naruto.

Oleg Mazur appeared in court in a black coat. Intelligent-looking man said that he is the father of three children – 2001, 2011 and 2016 birth. He immediately said that did not get the opportunity to quickly contact a lawyer. The lawyer, in turn, mentioned that all purchased instruments are, therefore, the meaning of the charges is not clear. The defenders suggested for Mazur bail of 1 million rubles (by the way, according to the investigator, the home of the Deputy head of ekts found 5 million), but the COP was adamant. Mazur also was arrested 5 February.

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