Mystery elite crook from “Sheremetyevo”, which threw many of the “stars”

“Sorry, that appeal to you…” — this phrase, which each of us had heard that already evokes not pity, but only irritation. Stop! But if you’re not a ragged bum, and a cute polite boy, similar to passenger car business class? The hands just reach for the wallet.

Externally Yaroslav like a respectable traveler. But his suitcase is always empty.

At the airport “Sheremetyevo” settled (and in the truest sense of the word) an unusual beggar. Unlike their “colleagues” he always dressed immaculately, smells good and makes a good impression. Having chosen the most lucrative international terminal E, crook went on a completely different level of handouts. Due to its presentable appearance and competent speech “poor guy” every day manages to raise money for multiple tickets supposedly “home”, despite the fact that he is almost a year living in the air port. The bait of this “solid” rogue caught the famous showman Alexander Belov, socialite and the owner of the biggest breast in Russia, IREN Ferrari, the singer Alexey Chumakov, actress Alika Smekhova and many other celebrities. The victim “fashionable beggar,” beggar exposed in social networks. Airport representatives then stated that the fraudster was arrested and removed from site. But, as found “MK”, the beggar will not go away — we managed to find him in his usual spot.

The search was brief, the Internet clearly described the disposition of “VIP-beggars”, and “local” didn’t even have to show a picture of it. With the words “he is one we have here” the guard pointed at the check-in counters of terminal E. Good thing I knew in advance the look of our hero, otherwise to distinguish him from the other passengers was impossible. At the chapel in front of the “green corridor” were unshaven young man in an expensive pressed suit, gleaming patent leather shoes maskami. While on the trolley, where he laid a very ordinary suitcase, casually hung his jacket. In General, his whole appearance he showed that he was ready to fly to far away, but something went wrong. I pass, and seem to accidentally meet his gaze. And our liar just right.

— Hello! My name is Yaroslav. Can I take a few moments of your time? — he turned to me in the most polite tone as possible. — You know, I lost the ticket…

…and you need a couple thousand to buy new, right? ‘I went for it. While my companion assessed the situation, I decided to open the card.

— You’re famous, have you seen how many people are you discussing?

— I do not read Newspapers, do not sit on the Internet, but I have been told.

According to Yaroslav, he was 21 years old, he arrived in Moscow from Belarus three years ago. The story is a little different from most stories of homeless immigrants with a difficult past: worked, the company went, out on the street with nothing, began to beg.

— Calling you a beggar not dare, although, in fact, you are. What explains your “career”?

— When there was a need, I went to the stores and asked people to buy me food. In those days, I was sweating back excitement, shame, humiliation. But over time I realized that the world is not without kind people, they have served and will serve. You can only ask for bread, and can and more. I began to take the begging not as a means for survival, and as a craft. Imaginary misfortunes were tested on a compassionate passers-by. Part of the handouts carefully preserved. The money invested in props and gradually formed the image is quite decent passenger with Luggage on a trolley. My goal is to become like the wealthy travelers and businessmen, of which there are a dime a dozen. Always tried to dress in the classics. Last time the costumes come out. My calculation is: wealthy man walks by, sees that equal him in trouble, and helps.

— Are not you ashamed?

. I can’t be proud of. But it’s temporary.

— What do you feel when you deceive the person?

— Thanks. I am very grateful to those who do not remain indifferent. And confidence. After all, if you give me money — so believe in my stories. By the way, I do have a very serious problem in life but everyone you meet I’m not ready to talk about it. When it becomes public, something of interest to me runs out. Perhaps I will tell about it to a person who is really willing to help and even show the documents.

“All the I carry with myself”. Bottle and paper to heighten the likelihood.

And each will have its own “true” story, right?

I can only tell you that I need a good lawyer — he evaded Yaroslav.

Why don’t you fly home? Why don’t you go to work?

— I won’t go home until they achieve their goal. And about work don’t even ask, I am categorically not going to work, though, as they say, hands and feet are. Why? Explain only to those who humanly come to me to talk, wants to help.

— Do you have family? They know what you do?

— Yes, mom and dad, but I don’t take money from them. I think they catch on to my “hobby”.

— You say you have a goal…

I want to have my business. To become an investor. I need start-up capital. Plan to accumulate money here and go home. And I firmly believe that when I can do it, it will be included in the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes. I read many books about Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan. These are my idols.

But you want to build your future on deception. Wonder what is actually sin? By the way, you religious?

Once a week I go to confession in the Church on the territory of the airport, to light a candle for those who helps me. My main rule: I will never be able to fool the priest.

— You own the work or unfasten “mafia”?

— Many people think that I give someone share. Actually no, I’m a loner. Understand that there is another level. It’s MASH (the international airport “Sheremetyevo”. — L. S.)! Employees of the airport, of course, silently wondering why I was doing it, but not touching me. Treated as an ordinary beggar.

— A defrauded citizens? Surely no one has ever tried to stuff your face?

For all the time I’ve been attacked a couple of times, but I deserved it. Most people who met me again, raise my voice, call me a crook, but I repeat, they have that right. I’m not apologizing and not making excuses. I feel a bit ashamed, and I’m starting to sincerely thank the person.

Why not move to the city? Because you, as I understand it, can improve their situation?

— What’s the point? Approximately every two days I rented the hostel to rest, to freshen up. With clothes I do not shikuyut, the clubs do not party.

— But that’s about clothes I have doubts. Jacket what brand are you wearing?

Is an Austrian brand. I agree, good. But it is a necessity.

— And do you have any trade secrets?

— For different people — different stories. The most important is the positive, how to tune, so be it. The better the mood, the more convincing the words. First, be sure to say Hello, but then — confidential. Can see that Russians are the most generous people. On the second place Germans. The French, the British are much more stingy.

…Goodbye, my companion took on the pen carriage and with a sly smile went to the “green corridor”, which has already begun to shrink departing passengers. Among them, at all times there are those who are willing to open for “poor boy” and your heart and your wallet. Yaroslav is right. And the maximum that threatens it — the penalty for begging, which he “beat off” for a day or more.

While preparing the material, among the comments in the Network appeared the message from the Deputy of the state Duma Yaroslav Nilov that he sent a formal request to the General Director of the airport. The press service of the air Harbor told “MK” that on December 5 we took additional measures, namely: in the official account of the “Sheremetyevo” in the social network was added post-treatment, in which passengers and visitors to the airport are advised not to hand over money and material values to the persons engaged in professional begging, and to report such events to the security staff. But Internet users noted that the situation has not changed and “fashionable beggar” is still in its place.

WHAT they SAY ABOUT the “GOLDEN BUM” STARS AND OTHER USERS of the INTERNET (spelling and punctuation preserved)

TV presenter Tanya Gevorgyan: “He’s about 2.5 years ago, when hunted on Malaya Nikitskaya, told me all of his “business plan”. It’s already the most famous beggar in the city)”

Singer Alexey Chumakov: “This charismatic young man, with the face of the virgin, I also gave 5000 for a ticket.:) He said he was going to his parents and lost purse… Said that his mother’s birthday, and he can’t be with her. And then I saw it again and almost blew his attic. For the deception. Talked with the local inhabitants of the airport, there he shares with the locals. It is their business project (developing a small business in the country). And God will judge them… the Question is not 5000 p., and that someday I will come across people, who really need such help… And I might not respond”.

Julia Wolf: “Oh!!! Familiar faces! Went to a new level. I also gave him for a ticket to Lugansk. On Kutuzov. Then I met him in traffic at the foreign Ministry and experienced the same shock.”

Anna Gavrilova: “I saw him in mid-August, went pitifully asked 7000 for a ticket to Odessa. When I have collected almost 7000…. he had so much joy in his eyes and he ran to the side of the Desk, thought for a ticket… is for a new portion of money.”

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