Mystery of the disappearance of the participant “House-2”: blame lover-felon

The mysterious disappearance of the participants “Houses-2” Maria Natalia Politov, which said her boyfriend is a journalist, ended in the most banal way — the girl allegedly went out to his former favorite, who is serving time in a penal colony in the Murmansk region.

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As it became known “MK”, 30-year-old Maria last three years cohabited with a 42-year-old Explorer, Artem Usov Shnurovym — in fact, he sounded the alarm when he came home around midnight on December 4, not found in the apartment of the lady. Moreover, her phone was left at home. First, the young man decided that Mary went to her parents, but she wasn’t there. The girl, by the way, I seen a psychiatrist for depression, took antidepressants. Shnurov, fearing that the worst had happened, wrote a statement to the police, and also contacted experts POISKOVO-saving group.

The ugly truth was revealed when studying the web pages for which 4 Dec came Mary. At first she sent a request to the Bank for a loan, the managers gave “good”, and she took the money in the office on Leninsky Prospekt. After that, Mary began to see flights Moscow — Murmansk on the evening of 4 December. And then Shnurova has become increasingly clear — in the penal colony №18 in Murmashah that at 23 kilometers from Murmansk, is serving a term beloved Mary, whom she can not forget. Sometimes in moments of candor, Maria told the current boyfriend about his miserable love. More – Maria sometimes went to Murmashi, explaining the reason the dire state of the beloved (that supposedly required medication). And somehow she mentioned that the knight has died — however, for sure it is unknown. By the way, Shnurov was provided by Maria, who was sitting at home, and only from time to time worked on shows model.

Flight from Moscow to Murmansk is 2 hours plus of road to Murmasa — that is, by the morning of 5 Dec Mary most likely was already at the entrance of the colony. By the way, December 6, became aware of the revolt of prisoners in IK-18 for the first time since the late 1980s- prisoners barricaded themselves and not let the guards, to the place called spetsnaz FSIN. Therefore, the return of Mary to Moscow may be delayed. Anyway, Shnurov looking forward to Mary — he already did escape from the house.

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