Revelation shoplifters: “For a thousand visits caught five times”

They call themselves the shoplifter. Sounds, of course, more pleasant and even more respectable than just “thief”, but, in fact, they differ only in that down under your illegal fishing dubious philosophy and are active on the Internet, handing out at special forums free tips and showing off their “trophies”.

Some absolutely crazy shoplifter, do not hesitate, even post on social networks educational videos and share their experience of thefts in supermarkets. The majority of observe secrecy, hiding behind fake accounts.


…We communicate in popular social networks, from negotiating: any addresses, appearances, passwords, only nick.

My companion loves science-fiction. 27. Shoplifter with three years of experience. In spite of higher education, window wizard on call, but the money for beautiful life still is not enough. Questioned him about how it all began.

Now I have no fear because I know what to do, how to do it and that for me it can be. And the first time I felt wild with fear and adrenaline. This is a real break the pattern. People can not even imagine how deep in the subcortex there are morals. You always think that the guards all know and just pretend not watching you. When you come out of the store, there comes a desolation: And after 5-10 times comes the most dangerous moment: loss of vigilance, care, care. You’re starting to be greedy, to take more than you need.

— Were there any failures?

— Yes, but not often. I only had 5 times more than thousands of visits — I think a good statistics.

— How was it?

— Small supermarket. On the first day of “took” (stole. — Ed.) a bottle of good whiskey. Three days later, again the same store, also alcohol. There is a video monitor right next to the cash register, so you can see when the hall monitor. I noticed, and they saw that I was nervous. Bought into the fact that removed from human observation. In General, it was necessary to put the goods, and I got greedy. It turned out, for these days were recalculated, and the loss was noticed on the cameras, and waited…

— Use any special equipment?

— I have a magnet puller, but I don’t go. If he gets caught, it will be a very different conversation with the guards. Yes, it is possible to take: meat, fish, coffee, chemistry, chocolate. All the best.

In General, for modest goods spetsializiruetsya.

I’m not a trophy hunter, so take what you need, within the amount of an administrative offense. A bottle of good whiskey or brandy is high.

…Shoplifters are headache major shopping centers. The amount of losses can reach millions roubles. Perhaps the most sensitive damage shoplifter.

Often they are operating alone. For conspiracy the penalty more severe, this is the article 158 of the criminal code, part 2, paragraph “a,” “theft by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”. Recently a shoplifter was limited to thefts of goods not more than one thousand rubles — this is only administrative responsibility. Most often the parties agree on payment of a fine at the rate to fivefold cost stolen, but sometimes it ends administrative arrest for up to 15 days. However, all this does not apply to repeat offenders.


Recently, the state Duma, along with the beatings decriminalized and petty theft to 2.5 thousand rubles, but shoplifters still try not to risk it.

On one of the forums caught red-handed shoplifter and share our experiences. “I for 420 R. given 240 hours of community service, although I have not had time to dispose of stolen and was arrested on the porch of the shop, complains a San. “I took a bottle of brandy for 800 rubles, caught in the store at the checkout, a full 15 days!” — echoes Victor A.

“That got me. I think that this not gonna happen to me, — says Yana. — Took 700 rubles cosmetics, paid by other products. I go out, and me guard. Was taken to a back room, threatened to call the police. 10 minutes trying to persuade. Well, the chief of security of the good guy turned. Released, and could now spend the night in the “monkey”. Had to pay in the threefold size. Such stress has never experienced…”

Externally, the shoplifter never stand out of the crowd: dress neatly, behave inconspicuously. Favorite places — Hyper – and supermarkets. Autumn and winter theft 30-40% more than in the spring and summer. It is clear: the thieves under the warm clothes easier to hide stolen. On weekends and before holidays the number of thefts increases. During working days peak for 17 to 20 hours, when in the trading room a lot of buyers, and each to follow impossible.

Drag everything that is bad. And alcohol, and cosmetics, and clothes and tools and food. In the drugstores of self stealing painkillers, vitamins, contraceptives and cosmetics. According to statistics, are more likely to suffer stores selling branded cosmetics and perfumes. Given the price level, one can imagine that in a few minutes shoplifter attacks store damage for a couple of tens of thousands of rubles…

The ingenuity of thieves knows no bounds. There are craftsmen that are able to wear three pullover to slip into the pocket of a few pairs of expensive panties or pull an outfit together with hanger. In one of network shops of the famous brands caught the foreigner, who tried to get under clothes forty wooden scented balls!

If you alert the seller or the guard will notice that the next attacker hiding, for example, a flat bottle of cognac in the inner pocket of his jacket, nothing can be done. The customer is always right, even if it is somehow easier to carry the thing for a Trouser belt, not in the basket. In this situation, the staff there is only one unobtrusive escort the buyer to the cashier, leaving him the opportunity to pay for the purchase. Experienced thieves, sensing something was wrong, get rid of the goods in the trading hall and leave the store empty-handed. Someone is detained at the exit or stalking on the street. A couple of times I have witnessed such a chase. Catch up with the young, athletic man is not always possible. This is not grandma with a stick of butter or cottage cheese — easy prey for the store security.

…Sergey — the administrator of one of the groups in the social network and the guru in this area. By shopliftingu came several years ago when the movement was at its peak. His parents know nothing about the dangerous hobby of twenty years of son-student, secret life which is devoted to only some friends, as a rule, separating “hobby” shopliftingom.

Today, his public is sufficiently promoted and has more than three thousand participants. It’s not so little for the community, not just subjected to blocking. But Holy place is never empty: in the place of indoor space and another one POPs up.

Enter group now pay. The amount is symbolic — 50 rubles, but this is only the first filter keeps out unwanted people, random and curious. Then turn on a kind of face control. Experienced admin once or twice unwanted calculates the contingent, from which we can expect trouble.

But to the casual visitor something did not think, on the website of the public says: “We don’t encourage people to steal and are not responsible for your actions. We do not train theft. We don’t know where and what to steal. Stealing is bad, never do that!” This completes the sentence smiley — where do without irony?

Group permanently blocked, — complains Sergey — before there were many, and the number of subscribers reached 100 thousand. But now there are only a few, and admins have to make them closed, or a very responsible approach to the content to the group, not blocked because of censorship.

About shopliftingom Sergei at the time also learned from the Internet, but rather from the well-known community, which was eventually blocked. It is no secret that such Internet sites became the “schools of life” for beginners. You could easily acquire equipment for shoplifting.

— A week after playing in the band I wanted to try everything in practice, I was very inspired by the content, he says. — Decided immediately, and the first time was psychologically very difficult. The most difficult was the moment when you hide a product, but when it was done, it appeared some relief, like “okay, no turning back”. In principle, these feelings are present every time, but eventually you notice them less and less. After each successful removal is euphoria, and the process of lifting can be compared with the quest.

Interested in the gear of an experienced shoplifter.

— Equipment is needed only for items with “Almar” — magnets and nakleechek, but these protections are not supplied with the entire range, but mostly only expensive things: clothes, alcohol, books, equipment, — Sergey does not hide the secrets of the craft.


He trades mainly food, alcohol, clothing. Perfumy and equipment does not encroach, considering that it is quite risky. Very often makes household chemicals (shampoos, toothbrushes, etc.). But usually tries very much not to gain, as in excess of a certain amount during the arrest, an administrative responsibility could easily change by the criminal.

— I have no purpose to capitalize on this “fact” and therefore do not see the point of large risks. Personally, I’m more looking for the shopliftingom thrill. It seems to me that we are different from those of women who are hostages of circumstances and are forced to go to theft, to somehow live.

— It turns out that shopliftingom is philosophy? Your supporters called the process “release of goods”…

— The ideological component, in a nutshell, is that shops make a big margin on products, as well as lay in the cost of interest in case the item is stolen, damaged, etc., plus taxes. Therefore, if we make things free, I don’t pay all these cheat store.

While other social media users post cats, dogs and other mi-mi-mi, the new Robin hoods hang out in groups my shopping “trophies”. The more expensive the product the better. If someone wants to brag, someone includes a small business: “Choose clothes in … (followed by the name of the shopping complex), I buy and sell it with 50% discount. Everything is simple and WITHOUT PREPAYMENTS!”

Visit one of the communities I met such an exotic proposal as the opportunity to participate in the shopliftingom Safari. Wish are guaranteed a powerful adrenaline rush. Target audience — those who want to feel the real shoplifter. Needless to say that a particular illegal service is only for the wealthy.

“Test your courage and agility! Show your analytical skills!” — calls the author of the idea. The question is, what is Safari? Despite the fact that the shopliftingom is the same as hunting, that’s just “the beast”, who will have to go much smarter and more cunning four-footed inhabitant of the African jungle.

“Shoplift-hunting at all chances are equal. Shoplifter struggling to sneak out the right thing, security guards or consultants are doing everything not to allow this product to bear.”

For those who doubt the legality of store Safari, follows a lengthy explanation of the alleged violations of the Criminal code will not be as “trophy” is not necessarily to keep. It should be returned to the store as good as made. Well, if the player does not want to part with a thing, the responsibility falls on his shoulders, because nobody urges to steal. The shopliftingom they feel equate to an extreme sport. But that’s not all. On Safari the beginner provided support in the face of a guide and a consultant, and in the role will perform the best shoplifter with rich experience.

That will be a “hunter” if it will “beat” the guard? To dispel the doubts a potential customer, explain to him that even in this case, he risks nothing. Enough to pay for the stolen goods or… just refer to the game, showing the correspondence!

Imagine the reaction of the guards, who unexpectedly became a party to the criminal game! I think that to finish the player would have been in the police.

In social networks, the movement of the shoplifter still quite popular. They recruit new naive and gullible who believe with the word users in their ranks. Especially a sucker for beautiful words and stories about the adrenaline of minors. They don’t really tend to think about the consequences…

And to think it is necessary. Obvious illegal background similar “hobby”, and it doesn’t matter it is only an administrative offense or a criminal offense, I will let you go uncle-guard or go on a principle similar episode in the biography can spoil your young reputation and have dire consequences in the future, when will have to blame only himself, and not those who hang trophies on social networks.

In Russia there are no separate statistics on account of thefts committed by the so-called shoplifter in commercial networks. But, according to the American National Association for the prevention of theft in shops (NASP), every eleventh person at least once in life were in shopliftingom. Professionals of shoplifters is not much, only about three percent. More than half of the adult shoplifter debuted in adolescence. So sometimes it is probably a good idea to look at the Hobbies of their children in order to spot where they find their adrenaline.

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