“Ronaldo was a five-time winner of the “Golden ball”

By this measure, he was compared to Messi

Striker Portugal football Cristiano Ronaldooo:epa/vostock-photo

Striker of real Madrid and Portugal football Cristiano Ronaldo in the fifth time became the winner of the “Golden ball” trophy, awarded to the best footballer in the world according to France Football.

Previously C. Ronaldo voted the best player in the world in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016. Five times “Golden ball” according to France Football earlier received the Argentine striker Spanish “Barcelona” Lionel Messi.

This year Ronaldo was recognized as player of the year and according to the International football Federation (FIFA).

2017 de l’année Cristiano Ronaldo vainqueur du Ballon d’or, en dix dates https://t.co/23YNfxuYk2

— France Football (@francefootball) 7 Dec 2017

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