“Russian lessons” with the male by Prilepine: he enlisted

I look into his sad eyes. I believe these eyes, they will not be deceived. For some reason I trust him… He is Zakhar Prilepin, a writer. NTV leaves his signature program “Russian Lessons”.

This is the second transmission Prilepin, there is Ren, rock-n-roll, called “Salt”. Here ran, will say “lovers” prilepina, Yes, already spoken for. I drum, let him have at least five programs.

In “Russian Lessons” he struggles with coming out by the Nazis. And with our liberal sofa troops. Fighting with all my heart, just goes. And I believe him. Despite the fact that we have totally opposite views on the Ukrainian war. On its causes and consequences.

He is absolutely sincere in his statements. He thinks, feels and does not prevaricate. He was Chechnya, fought there, not hiding behind someone’s back, and then wrote about this great novel “Pathology”.

It is also enlisted on the propaganda front. That is, he enlisted. In DND he is, but manages to come to Moscow and to record their programs. And then goes back to Donetsk.

The government is happy that she has such a Park. He is working on it, though, of course, to himself. Because such Prilepin’s not impossible to believe. Or at least understand. Or to forgive.

We have totally different views, but I respect it. Only there are other propagandists, are quite different. Never smelled gunpowder, insincere, ready to execute any order from above. There is Vladimir Soloviev, you know. Here it says: “Error not that we went into Afghanistan, and that we got out”. An intelligent man, and says such nonsense. He lived then, don’t remember? As the coffins were the flow and what lies out of boxes…

I remember how at the courses of radiotelegraphic came to us a fat rear rat from the military, in uniform and epaulets. “However, what if the village would suspect at least one of the spooks, the whole village to blow up?” we asked then. “And how!” — said rear rat. And then told the story of how the Soviet Uzbeks and Tajiks, specially dressed under dushmans and sent to Afghanistan, and our not knowing of this, rushed into the house and all of them put. Telling the case rear rat laughed a lot. Did Soloviev doesn’t know that? Well, then let the reconsider at least “Easy to be young?” Podnieks or “Cargo 200” Balabanov.

“And their children would you send to war?” — said Solovyov in his program, the American political scientist Cohen. “Of course, we have the generals of their children were sent to Chechnya, and they were killed.” The generals sent, only to himself again Solovyov dreams. “Yes, if our army was in the Ukraine, Kiev for a long time we would have!” is Solovyov already on another topic. We… Yes, Yes, he would roll into Kiev this riding on a tank gun? Only knows how to talk, nothing more.

And Prilepin, who speaks only what he knows and thinks… It will end badly. Because it was crowded state, rather public people. “The power is disgusting, as hands bradobreja,” Yes. These people help to publish his books, PR them. These people use him and his sincerity to complete the program.

And yet… the situation in the Donbass no good end. Will be either a horrible end or horror without end. And nothing else. So honest and decent Zakhar Prilepin — man tragic. So to speak, in his eyes it’s written. Here you have “Russian Lessons”.

Spiritual ties

“Womanish revolt” on the Ground caused an unprecedented outcry. Why? Want an example? Please.

Here I sit these women are leading. Topic: the doping, the Olympics. A serious topic in General. “We have here in the Studio, the heroic fighter Dmitry Nosov, an Olympic bronze medalist. Dmitry, what do you think?” Dmitry has just started, but the girls are already interested: “And Dmitry in his Instagram recently called the TV presenter Ian Koshkin a transvestite. Dmitry, what do you think?”

And away we go. Includes Yana Koshkina, part of her Breasts. “Dmitry, will you apologize?” No, Dmitri is not. So, from the sublime to the ridiculous… So a woman will never be our President. Maybe a woman will?

And in this program include Olga Buzova. She, Olga Buzova! Which followers already in two times more than Xenia Sobchak. Of course, such a treasure should work on First!

His appeals to the people: “they Say that I have small Breasts. Let them talk!”. A girl, her co-host, ask people: “I Wonder why men breast? What do they feel?”

Then imposes His false Breasts and so goes in the Studio amongst men, giving yourself a little touch. Well, it’s great, isn’t it? Then the chest fell to the floor. And I look and think how cool, we live in Russia, in the freest country in the world. Where you can not hesitate, do not blush, do not fear that you saharasia, to talk about the importance — of the female breast. Where you can openly give yourself to touch (even for artificial boob), is also without fear.

Here they are, our traditional values, and spiritual ties! Here it is, Russia is Motherland of elephants. Large and small Breasts.

Four blind

In the “Agora” (“Culture”) intellectuals asked themselves the perennial question: “what is the intelligentsia? Who are these people?” Looking for them all over Studio all over the country, around the world and never found.

Photo: a frame from the video

One says: “the Intelligentsia is not at all, it’s just sixes for intellectuals”. The other, not naming names, exclaims: “No, the intelligentsia is the best part of humanity!”. Third: “Chekhov — not intellectual. He just an educated man.” Fourth: “Intellectuals have long been destroyed. Or sent to “the philosophical steamship”.

It reminds me of the Indian tale “the Four blind.” “For someone like an elephant?” they ask, blind. Walk up to the elephant. One, feeling the enormous leg, shouting: “the Elephant is like a column!”. The other, clutching his trunk: “a thick rope”. Third, reaching to ear: “No, the elephant is like a great wing!”.

Intellectuals the emphasis is never seen again. It became a dirty word. Because those who were called intellectuals we have, well served the government, raised their hands in condemnation of Pasternak, signed a collective letter against Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn. That’s why one of the most intelligent Ministers of culture (probably the second after Lunacharsky) Mikhail Shvydkoi nervous so suddenly dropped: “Just don’t call me an intellectual!”. And when I heard “cultural” Studio surname “Putin”, got very nervous and tried to turn the program away from someone that can not be described here.

Among these men, the luminaries of thought and fathers of Russian democracy, who are afraid of intellectuals like fire (Bulls, mantis, Lemons), better, smarter and more appropriately all looked Elena Yampolskaya. Which, by the way, I see the Minister of culture Medinsky instead. Which is a person Mikhalkov. This is the old regime Yampolskaya is not afraid of intellectuals, even explained to her in the big and pure love. In words, of course. Let’s see what happens if she become a Minister.

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