Shame: mother of nine who wins the competition “family of the year”, handed the thermos

The insanity of bureaucracy and greed in Russia rolls. How close is the limit? Where is the line valid?

In the Republic of Komi the mother of nine children Larisa Schukina became the winner of national contest “family of the year”. All family members invited to Moscow for a solemn celebration. The trip was cancelled — the event organizers have not found the money is not fare to the winners. As compensation handed to Shchukin an honorary award — a metal thermos.

About how thanks large in Russia — in the article “MK”.

Larisa Schukina — a simple Russian woman. Her biography at first glance primitive to boring. Living in the North, in the town of Sosnogorsk. Works at the plant. Raising children. More precisely, nine children. Married. Point.

So he had lived on Larisa in the middle of nowhere, grief did not know if her head fell off award. The administration of Sosnogorsk district, has provided exemplary family Shchukina to the reward, which left them sideways.

We caught up with the heroine of the story, which after all that ordeal ended up in the hospital with the children.

Now with kids the youngest lay in the hospital, got an infection, when the prize went. The journey was long exhausted all sick. I’ll tell you if it was worth it, and the beginning of the conversation, Larissa.

“Money you didn’t plan”

That Shchukin delegated to the competition, the couple learned from official sources. They are no requests sent, about upcoming event never heard of. Not to public life when you’re six minor children. Not until the competitions.

In may, the local press erupted laudatory odes to the family: “the Family Shchukin from Sosnogorsk became the laureate of the government of Komi as the best large family in the region. Later he won the all-Russian contest “family of the year”, received the recognition at the country level. Out of 322 applications from all regions of Russia, our countrymen have become the best”.

Then read another essay about Shchukin in the spirit of Soviet megatonage: “the family Shchukin 9 children: six minors, including a child with disabilities, and three adults over 18 years of age. Wife Shchukin think of family as a priority and pay great attention to the education and development of children. Father, Valery, is industrious and economical, a real support to the spouse and children, loves to cook and participates in regional sports competitions, is the winner of regional competition “Superdad”. Mother, Larisa, is an active participant in the public life of the city, head women’s communication club “Ryabinushka”, whose activities are aimed at preserving continuity of generations, promote family values and traditions. Adults and children in the family Shchukin hardworking, talented and with diverse interests.

For proper upbringing of children the couple Shchukin have a lot of gratitude. Shchukin received the recognition at the country level. Summing up all-Russian contest “family of the year” and awarding of winners will take place in November 2017 in Moscow.”

On paper, it looked decent. In fact, the history Shchukin was much less attractive.

— First we advanced from Sosnogorsk district for the award of the head of the Komi Republic. The total number of winners made up of 15 families, — says Larisa. — As have passed the competitive selection, I have no idea. We didn’t call it. At the end of the contest, we learned that among the five best in the Republic of Komi. In may, received the award from the head of 100 thousand rubles, net of taxes. On reception at the head of the Republic we announced that we are going to represent the Republic in the capital. So we learned that he was on the all-Russian contest in the nomination “the Large family”. We ourselves did not put forward. We made the Syktyvkar administration.

Shchukin in Moscow infrequent guests. The last time she visited the capital in his youth, on a tour. Often the children show the Kremlin.

— Local authorities have forwarded me the event program. On 23 November we had to fly to the capital, the host booked us rooms in the hotel “Izmailovo”. November 24 was a scheduled tour of Moscow in the evening we had to celebrate the contest, and 25th, we had to fly home. That’s all we know — says the interviewee.

— Called from Moscow?

— I called the coordinators from the capital, asked about the book, which was printed in honor of this celebration. I sent all of your information. Photos. Then I asked: “did You really come?” Why not. And then there was silence. I contacted our administration, asked just in case, will pay us the fare. And I heard: “do You have the whole family going? You too much!”. I was surprised. Of course, we had planned to travel with the whole team. Strange if the award came just mom and dad. As much as I was justified? The rest of the money is not enough? And then again silence. After some time I again contacted the officials. Those already prepared: “the Funding you have allocated. Send a formal request to the head of the Republic.” I made two letters: the head of the Komi Republic and the head of our administration. Sent. Soon came the answer in writing: “Money on your trip not planned in the budget”.

— Would be very costly to the Republic for your trip?

Our family of 11 people: 9 children and two adults. We found the cheapest fares — airline ticket cost about 4 thousand rubles round trip. A total of 88 out of thousands. All other expenditures, on food, we decided to take on. Not cheap, of course. But such award are not issued every year. When the waiver came from the officials, we had no choice but to cancel the trip. Together with her husband did not want to go, and three days to pay about 100 thousand — it is unwise. We’d rather the money spend on summer holidays. My husband and I work at the plant, the enterprise issued a preferential ticket to the resort for the whole family. First time all the staff go. Now have started to save money for a vacation.

The mother of nine children works in a factory.

“Asked for help in social networks. No one responded”

In fact, Shchukin did not immediately refused to go. Hoped: suddenly in the administration come to its senses, will find funds because they nominated the family for the award.

We waited until the last minute. Refused travel. But no money did not give. The loan we did not take their money in the stash we have. Then I was advised to appeal to the countrymen through social networks. I couldn’t do it. Never stood with an outstretched hand. Uncomfortable somehow. Yes, and scary. Deems, even for us cheaters. In the end, my friends persuaded me, and they are also published in social networks account has posted five ads. This all died down.

— The money in the account has not translated?

Nothing, no one moved. So we lost the last chance of the trip.

Award were forwarded from Moscow?

In late November, I electronically came the reply of the head of administration of Komi Republic. It said since the money for the trip to Moscow not planned, we invite you to Syktyvkar. And a PostScript: absolutely free.

Only here to get to the capital of Komi large collection offered on their own. To understand: the path was not close. First things first, Shchukin had tried amicably to squeeze into a morning bus to the nearby city Ukhta, 27 km from their village. Then they would move on other transport to get to the station, for buses to Syktyvkar. Next, they had to overcome 260 km and the endpoint of their journey — city drama, which is from the bus station to get there by public transport at least half an hour.

— We said: “Get what you want, travel to Syktyvkar, we will pay you then,” continues the interviewee. But with so many children, one of which disabled numerous times, we would only in the evening arrived. I politely declined. Then the administration got together and decided to give us eight-seat minibus. All transportation was not. But they had to run. I was asked to collect all documents and submit to the administration to formally obtain permission for personal transport. Called right to work: “I collect the papers and bring faster”. I work in the factory, in the workshop where dust, dirt, soot. Well, as I would like this to go to collect documents? Yes, and for me the chief wouldn’t let go. Our trip was almost ruined that way. But there was still one day. I’m in the soap ran through the city, collecting information. If you like to know in advance what will be the reward, of course, I wouldn’t waste time. On the last day we signed off on the bus, however, no money has been issued. Advised we could negotiate with the driver that payment will come later, or pay out of pocket. The money promised to transfer to the card during the week. Well, what fool would agree to work for free?

— How much was the bus ride?

— Decently. We had eight people. Ticket price — 1600 rubles per person. Barely persuaded the driver to wait with the money. Promised: as soon as will transfer the required amount immediately surrender to him. The man came toward us. In short, we left at 8.30 am. Returned home close to midnight. The children were fed by the fact that I managed to take. No dry rations, tea, coffee, we, of course, not provided.

“Sandwiches to the children is not enough. The organizers have not kept within budget”

In Syktyvkar, in the theater after a long journey to rest was not given.

— When we arrived, we were handed the tickets to the play “the heavenly slow mover”, where were invited all the family gathered, and sent for master classes, which lasted half an hour. The children were tired, but we did not have. Warned that we can’t disperse, because by a certain time we will carry on the celebration. And so it happened. Our family was announced, we went on stage. The speaker read a speech, congratulated us that we won a nationwide competition, awarded us a diploma, a book and a bag with a gift.

— Just looked up what’s in the package?

Around me were the children. They are curious. They are all interesting. The bag was small. When we got off stage, toddlers grabbed it from my hands, opened it, and there is already the wonder I had. There was liter metal thermos. I could not believe my eyes. Even cried quietly so no one noticed. Of course, I really wanted to get up on stage to say something about this, but there is no one to turn to. The officials fled, the hall was left to sit alone grannies and family. Everyone was waiting for the show. I did not disappoint the audience, the more quickly the show started. And I was surprised by that scene spoke more about those mothers who have adopted children. They weighed a low bow, they were called “mothers”. But when we got, the speech was short: “the Family won the competition, here’s your reward.” I as well hard to educate their own children. Especially one of my children is handicapped, and not my fault. The doctors — he was born with rolled neck. From last forces we then watched a two-hour performance… the Children began to act up, we wanted to eat. But in the lunch-dinner was not planned. On the way back we didn’t have time to buy products. Riding non-stop for five hours. The organizers, knowing that we have to overcome this path, did not care about nutrition.

The celebration of family, where, why in a solemn ceremony handed over the thermos.

— Before you have received such gifts from the officials?

— Once we became winners of the Republican contest “Superdad”. The event was attended by families with children, which was 3 or 4 child. We were the most numerous. Then gave us a little teapot. And the head of the Republic handed the children a bag of puzzles. One for all. And other families that have much less children, also presented the same bag. And when we were awarded a cash prize the head of the Republic, we were taken to a restaurant. The tables were calculated on six seats. We combined two tables, but the same sandwiches and snacks left for six. More was not necessary. The estimate would have missed the organizers. It would seem, a trifle, but I things like overreacting, my kids were almost fighting over these sandwiches. I was hurt that the guys started to pull and share products. Well really it was impossible to calculate, not to be greedy, for a human to do?

— The last gift found use?

— No, it is on the shelf in a box. We are such a small thermos for a large family to anything. We have dermopathy 3-5 liters, enough for everybody. My story about the thermos came to the Minister of education, science and youth policy of the Republic of Natalia Mihailichenkovo, which we were awarded. She contacted me. Apologized, explained that a misunderstanding had occurred. Claimed he didn’t know what was in that package. Said that I actually had to hand the certificate to the resort. Of course they then invented.

— The certificate was presented?

— No, here again are faced with bureaucracy. We were given a certificate on certain dates. My husband and I are employees of the company, we have the vacation schedule, just so no one would not let us. To leave only at his own expense. I was asked to organize a trip for the holidays. I was given to understand that in other terms is impossible. In the end, I explained that we can’t accept such a gift.

— What your family really need?

— To be honest, we need a “Gazelle”. I heard many families give such a machine. Of course, with such a Horde it would be useful to us.

Larisa and Valery Shchukin with children.

“I gave birth to nine children, but of the order “Parental glory” didn’t deserve”

Another pain Larisa Schukina is the system’s lack of order “Parental glory”. A Republican Committee woman refused this privilege due to the fact that Shchukina’s second marriage. And the current husband well in advance have not adopted three of her children from her first marriage.

It’s also my sore subject. Despite the fact that I’ve given birth to nine children, when sent the application for the order, I explained: “you only Have six children together. The three of you given birth in the first marriage. And that doesn’t count. So you can’t get the order. Your spouse had time to adopt children”. It so happened that the first husband drank, and we divorced. Valery married me. We gave birth to six more children. The oldest daughter is now 30 years old, and the youngest is 5 years. I am grateful to God that I have such a big family. No one knows how difficult it was to raise children. But my husband went through. And now I say: “the Order you do not deserve.” And added: “If you have foster or adopted, then there would be no problems”. Instead, they offered me a medal. But it also failed to. While I was running and fight to beat out the paperwork to receive the medal, was late in filing. Now I said: “the Time has not passed, now wait for November of next year. We are your new documents will be sent to the Commission where it decides, you deserve the medals or not.” So I think the medals I also did not see.

— Giving the order?

— The order gives the title of “Veteran of labour”. If I don’t get it, then I subtract 14 years from experience — so much time I was on maternity leave. Can you imagine what I have is a meager pension?

— Benefits you have that is?

— Also no luck. Normal benefits are only given to mothers of large families who live in Central Russia. We live in the North, benefits we are not entitled. I explained: “You get more benefits — retire in 50 years go, before the others. What else would benefit?”. There you have it, my Golden. I have so many pereplakala for their lives, so hurt that they no longer want any awards, no contest. After the thermos I began to sling mud on social media, complained that there was nothing much to bear and to participate in competitions, was advised to sit quietly, raise children and shut up.

— The organizers of the national competition called, was interested, why didn’t you come to Moscow?

— I never got a call. I also did not. Spun in the cases. A lot of hassle. And now to find out?

For the Christmas season, most officials probably will receive a cash prize at the end of the year for his hard work. I would like to see these people when instead of money they will present small metal thermos for 641 rouble.


The holding of all-Russian contest “family of the year” in accordance with the Plan of actions for 2015-2018 in the first phase of Conception of state family policy in Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from April 9, 2015 No. 607‑p. In 2017, the competition is organized by the Ministry of labor of Russia and Fund of support of children in difficult life situations.

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