“The centre behalf of the Lumiere brothers has strengthened the protection and re-opened an exhibition of Sturgis

For General public the exhibition will run from 12:00 on 8 December

– The exhibition of the photographer Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment 2.0” that caused the fall of 2016 wide attention due to the exhibited works, in a relaxed atmosphere opened on Thursday in Moscow Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

For General public the exhibition will run from 12:00 on 8 December.

As told to “Interfax” in the center of the Photo, increased the number of guards at the entrance to the gallery, they inspect visitors. In addition, for the first time, one guard will be present in the hall, where the exhibition.

The age requirement remained the same: 18+.

“The resumption of this exhibition might lead us in the normal human balance. The photographer will not come, because he insulted a year ago. About any invitation could not speak,” – said at the opening ceremony on Thursday, the chief curator at the pictures of Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya.

Culture24 Sep 2016В centre behalf of the Lumiere brothers said the lack of “pedophile” to mistakesthat read more

She noted that in the fall of 2016 in the exhibition were 32 photos, now 22, was intentionally added historical information about the events. The exposition of the photographs are complemented by excerpts from media reporting on the closing of the exhibition, documents a criminal examination or trial, phrases of users in social networks about the exhibition.

“When we closed the exhibition, all agreed that we closed the Center of the Photograph, 1.5 month we have not had a single visitor. And the Centre of living through. Then, when they opened the next exhibition, there were visitors”, – said the chief curator.

In a press-service of the Museum recalled that in 2016, “the exhibition had to be closed two weeks after opening day, despite the objections of the lovers of pictures, not had time to get acquainted with the project”. The reason for the closure, as explained in the Museum, “was the request of the Deputy Elena Mizulina, who saw in the works of Sturges signs of child pornography”.

“Investigation on charges of child pornography demonstration lasted almost a year and ended recently. 13 lawsuits from citizens and not visiting the exhibition, nor the position of the Deputy Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Kuznetsova, never saw the photos, failed to convince the Investigative Committee in the illegality of the exhibition. Forensic experts have recognized the complete lack of evidence of a crime and the high artistic level of the works presented at the exhibition”, – noted in press service.

The Exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” took place in the Center of photography Lumiere brothers in early September 2016. It consisted of photos of families of nudists France, Northern California and Ireland, with which Sturgis was friendly and chatted. The author photographed them throughout his long creative career.

Senator Elena Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, September 24, 2016, appealed to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to check the exhibition. In addition, the Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov expressed the opinion that the organizers of the exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” deliberately went to the provocation, since its content violates socially accepted principles of morality.

Due to public outcry, and in consultation with representatives of the Public chamber, the organizers decided to close the exhibition.

The newly opened exhibition runs until January 8.

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