Vera Brezhnev: “Grooms is a strong word, we’ve only just begun”

Attractive, bold, charismatic – this should be a real star. Fans love Vera Brezhnev also for her kindness, openness, there is absolutely no arrogance and careless attitude to people. The girl from Dneprodzerzhinsk remembers, what was the path to success. Faith told the magazine “Vibe” about family and love.

Photo: courtesy mark Stellary

– Many artists, becoming a star, try not to advertise his past, to forget about poor youth. You, do not hesitate to talk about how he sold fruit at the store, washed dishes in a café to help the family…

– I don’t see anything wrong with what was my past. I generally try to live so that then not to regret that something was not done or missed something.

On the contrary, the story of my path to success, I think, can inspire those who doubt their abilities. For them my story can be a great example and encouragement to not give up, not to give up on the way to the dream.

Yes, we are sisters and grew up in a large family, dad was disabled, we didn’t have something to allow, was strapped for cash. But my childhood was happy, I remember it fondly. This year I have four times visited his native city.

And countrymen to you?

– I don’t have time with them to really communicate, because they come for a while, I want to spend this time with family. But those who I met on the streets, smile at me, happy about my success. And social networks, I often see comments from their fellow countrymen who say they love me and proud of me. It’s insanely nice.

– You used to be a real helper for mothers. Now do something around the house?

– The house I own. Aware of everything and keeps everything under control even at a distance. Of course, now I have no need to do it all myself, I have helpers, but it’s great that I can do everything and can.

I go through the school of life since childhood: if necessary, perform any work. Recent – quickly and easily change the filter in the vacuum cleaner, which I somehow change failed. (Laughs.)

– Do you think that girls should be taught from home wisdom – how to cook, keep the house clean?

My girls know all they need to be able to my age. My older daughter Sonia does amazing things! And if she makes dinner, I just soul rejoices.

In addition, she is an excellent pastry chef. In eleven years at Sony woke up an interest in cooking, then she went on courses, she interned in a candy store. We have all shelves in the kitchen were filled with mastic, vanilla, cinnamon, icing sugar and other baking ingredients. Something we could not even buy in the store and ordered specially.

Sara another seven years, but she’s already started to help my older sister. For me it is very important that girls grow up full-fledged Housewives. And I have children to instill these skills, they keep order in their rooms, clean up after themselves. Sarah loves tinkering and birthday presents for all the lovely gifts made by your own hands.

– Sonya and more involved in fashion shows and photo shoots. How do you feel about that?

Yeah, she was such an experience. Teenage all girls want to be models. Sonia tried it and it is now quite easy it looks. Focused on school.

– Sonya’s suitors are in your party – do not faint at the sight of a star mom?

– Grooms – it is loudly told, we’ve only just begun. (Smiles.) With those two boys who tried to court her, Sonia introduced me. They were shy in front of me, like all the knights before the parents of his girlfriend, no matter what the profession. I am a mother of a demanding, strict, but modern, friendly. They know that it is possible to meet, come to visit us, to walk, but have to return home at the appointed time and my daughter is not hurt.

– Do you have some kind of test for young people? For example, how he is polite, whether the forward missed the girl, helped to remove his coat?

– Young people now all different, the old rules do not work. For me the best test how my daughter good and comfortable with this guy, I trust her choice. Given that Sonya is only sixteen years old and her Boyfriends plus or minus at this age, it is still possible to explain and complete their education. I must say that my daughter has taste and she chooses the good boy. While I couldn’t fault it. (Smiles.) But studying takes Sony nearly all the time, so not to meetings.

– You have admitted that you have never experienced love at first sight, you need to charm gradually. Does this mean that in a relationship you are rational, not blindly succumb to emotions?

– I don’t need to charm. Largely I need time to understand and get to know the person better. How similar are our life principles, a close interest. And when people offer me for all my facets, here I am in the pool with his head! (Laughs.)

Love instant not the one I had. I can someone like it, but if, digging deeper, I discover my gut, serious feelings arise. It’s not like now I’m in love with one, a month I have a new love. I’m a monogamous. (Laughs.)

– In person you can’t stand?

If he’s rotten inside. You know, sometimes beautiful, glossy fruit, and inside the wormhole. And it spoils everything. It may be the pettiness, the greed, the lack of a sense of humor, kindness, honesty. There are many different nuances that can poison sweet fruit…

Full interview with Vera Brezhneva read in the journal “Atmosphere” (number 12-1, December-January).

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