Alexey Shved knocked out of the basketball “Milan”

The Russian clubs “Khimki” and CSKA had a great 11th round of the basketball Euroleague. The Moscow region team got a long-awaited victory after a series of failures on the road, having stood in game with “Milan” and has registered through this in the leading group. Moscow army team also has overcome German “Broz” and retained the first place in the table.

The attack breaks Alexey Shved. Photo:

For “Khimki” the week was very difficult. After major success at the site in Mytishchi with the same “Broz” from Bamberg had to switch on the home front, but a trip to the Kazan UNICS on a match United League ruined is not playing a factor. The fate of the meeting of the top clubs have decided in the end, but the ball thrown into the ring before the final siren the away player Anderson, was knocked out of him, which is contrary to international rules of basketball. But the appeal to the result (79:80), was rejected by the Directorate of the League.

— Do not rule out that the judge clearly determined that the ball after throwing Anderson to the basket flies, says a controversial moment two-time silver medalist in the national team of Russia, the former center of “Khimki” Vitaliy Nosov. — A lot depends on its location during the episode, the reaction of the judge. For me, the rules of the competition — not a reference book, but the fact that after the playing time can not touch the ball, I know exactly. And it wiped away. So, anyway, the incident in Kazan was controversial, and this means that “Khimki” had the right to appeal…

The only thing that managed to achieve is a tightening of the requirements about working cameras. After all, those in any way could remove the disputed issues. Well, the players now had to throw the failure out of my head and do not resort departure to Italy. Indeed, despite the position of the Serie a table, at home they show good speed and teamwork. What happened in the opening. No sooner had the “yellow-blue” to settle, as after the first quarter brought a bleak result — 12:24.

But it became involved in the struggle forward of Russian national team Andrey Zubkov, for whom this match became the best in the season. Bred and leader Alexey Shved: point guard threw himself, and successfully assisted, eventually becoming the most useful on the site and putting the personal records of performance — 29, as well as in the utilization factor — 35! Adds after returning to the site Tyler Honeycutt demonstrates teamwork with partners Malcolm Thomas. Who is missing is Thomas Robinson, but unless the coaching staff can’t find new players to compensate for the absence of injured striker heavy. Less serious damage — Stefan Markovic, and it should appear in part in the next meetings.

Starting in the final quarter with a margin of 1 point, guests lined up quality of protection and physical strength for the final assault on the team from Lombardy was not enough. 77 points, the seventh win in Euroleague in the season, won 7 December.

“The games are heavy, said first number of “Khimki” Swede. — The current opponent confidently started the attack and took easy points because we lacked aggression. That all changed in the second half, when we played as a team. Why I was able to achieve such targets? Trust me partners, they made passes, and I just played my game.”

The calendar is tight, and respite weekend will not. 10 December at 14.00 switches back to a Single League: a visit to Moscow will arrive “Nizhny Novgorod” Zoran Lukic, who even with a game in hand included in the eight of the championship.

Men. Euroleague. 11-th round

“Milan” (Italy) — “Khimki” (Russia) — 77:71 (12:24, 19:14, 24:18, 22:15)

“Khimki”: Shved (29 + 4 assists), Zubkov (15), Jenkins (10 + 4 rebounds).

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