Activists in Moscow attacked a cinema because of the film about the Donbass

In Moscow Patriotic activists attacked a cinema “October”, where the documentary film will be shown Beate the Bells “Flying bullets”, which tells about the events in the Donbas from the Ukrainian side. At the scene jumped a man, who said he will not allow to watch movie on how to kill the Russian. According to media reports in the hall were also poured some liquid with a pungent odor.

photo: a frame from the video

First to the cinema, according to “Ridus”, came the veterans of the fighting in the Donbass, the SERB activists, unhappy with the fact that it will show the film “advocating the Ukrainian punitive.”

The representative of the organizing Committee of “Artdocfest” said that the film has received all permits from Russian regulatory bodies and the show is officially permitted.

But that activists didn’t stop and they, as the “New newspaper”, sprayed in the hall of the odorous liquid.

After that, viewers began to withdraw from the hall.

Activists climbed onto the stage and announced that will not show the film. They also declared the President of the festival Vitaly Mansky fascism and that on his hands the blood of Donbas civilians.

According to recent reports, the police began to withdraw to protest against a film in the cinema.

Continuing the theme: humanizing the Nazis: why ex-militia disrupted the screening of a film about the Donbass

Media reported that the audience, who expressed their disagreement with the actions of the activists, they threatened to “throw from the second floor”. There is evidence and that one of the visitors received a blow to the head.

In October, it is now a movie with two sides. Screening of “bullet”

Maria Alekhina (@all_mary) 10 Dec 2017

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