Death race: grisly details of the accident at Vnukovo highway

It ended sadly “games” on the road for five builders at the Vnukovo highway in the capital over the weekend. In an accident killed three people, two were hospitalized.

photo: Vyacheslav Jumps

As found “MK”, road the incident occurred on the night of December 10 in the village of Vnukovo, located where the writers ‘ cottage. There faced at once three cars — “Peugeot”, “Lada Priora” and “Mercedes”. According to witnesses, five young workers who are building in the area school, in the evening went to the store and arranged a competition on the road. Despite the late hour, the track had a lot of cars, but the bullies did not bother. As a result of “Peugeot” and “Harmony” at breakneck speed took out on an oncoming lane where car a forehead in a forehead has faced with “Mercedes”, which went to a family with two young children. They came back from guests. Driving German cars was a woman, she was screaming in pain. Fortunately, her kids were not injured, but was in a state of shock. They were soon taken away by relatives. But were in a Peugeot two 32-year-old boys are not lucky — they died at the scene. While waiting for an ambulance, witnesses tried to pull out of the salon still alive 30-the summer driver “priors”, but to no avail. The arrival of the medics, he died. And one of the passengers of “Lada” in General ran away. In the end, the scene of the accident hospitalized two people — a 26-year-old Alexander and 43-year-old Julia. Their life is out of danger. It is possible that the culprit could be the influence of alcohol.

photo: Vyacheslav Jumps

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