Menshikov Armor recalls: “I was vulnerable, but few people were allowed to see it”

“Why do I often played villains? — said Leonid, Yes face, not a positive system of the person.” Precise, even sharp, the mind is clear and was clear to the last, as he declared: “Life is like talent: a sense of proportion; it is not necessary to sort out, to bring to the state when you’re helpless…”

photo: still from the film

His ease and naturalness to any role — a consequence of the fact that the biography of a great artist is often the biography of a great time, no matter how awful it may be. What’s it like to apologise in life for the acts of his father Solomon’s Armour, once worked in OGPU, harshly interrogating people? What’s it like to live without a father, golestanian, after his arrest? To wander around the Union? “Maybe it’s because I went to the artists, to somehow make amends father,” thought Leonid Bronevoy later.

Of course, these days, tear apart actors, working in tandem with Armor, but often they are eliminated from the interview — about Armor all or nothing. How is there a second to say? We asked Oleg Menshikov, a fellow at the “Pokrovsky” — in a few words:

— Muller from “Seventeen moments of spring” and kupletistom Velyurov from “the Pokrovskie gate”. These two opposites. One person. He was: tough, cynical, tender and vulnerable. The last few were allowed to see. I was lucky. A picture from my youth that is etched in my memory forever: Leonid standing in the doorway of his apartment with his head resting on the shoulder of his wife, and waving at me, watching, hand, smiling sadly… did Not admit of a compromise, emphatically, do not give up their positions to anyone, ever. Stubborn and very loyal. The cause which he served, and the people believed. 88 years old… a Long, complex, and beautiful life! Eternal memory…

…From everything, from the prison stories of his father, of wandering in the country, like a puzzle, and was artistic essence Armor — not from the external beauty, external data she came. Fearless he was, because once that fear had to say firmly, “no”, otherwise fear and trembling in the knees, so I would pursue for life. And this courage was born of his depth, bottomless, take a look for yourself — its the characters on the screen and in the theatre exist in a completely different tempo-rhythm, in a different, some more spacious time, and in his society there is quite reaktornogo a breath of air, it is not drawn, not glory, no fuss, but knew the price of it.

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