Sentenced to life imprisonment the killer confessed to another murder

The prosecution in another murder trial brought to the regular killer of the Izhevsk criminal groupings. The freedom he stayed less than a year, but managed to commit so many crimes, which was enough for a life sentence.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, 22 January 2016 Rustam Akhmednabiev was released after a long prison sentence. The verdict against him was already in 1998. However, in April 2016 the man again stepped onto the path of crime. First, it in Izhevsk insulted police officers while relaxing at the club. And in August of the same year took the knife and slashed with a knife abuser of his friend.

From the guardians of the law Ahmednabiev decided to escape to Moscow, where he settled in the hostel. But just a month later the spot had a fight with his roommate in the Dorm and killed him. The corpse of a man with multiple wounds to the head was discovered on September 24, 2016 at the intersection of Saratov and the Volga Boulevard. Ahmednabiev after the capital murder returned to Izhevsk, where he committed another crime. Of the total friends Akhmednabiev received information that his friend came by the police. And fearing that his friend is not “passed”, decided to send him to the light. Conceived Ahmednabiev carried out in November 2016. During the joint alcohol consumption murdered her boyfriend and their common friend, who witnessed the crime. However, in December 2016, he was detained by guards.

By the way, the guardians of the law, Ahmednabiev boasted that in the 90 years he was a regular killer of the Izhevsk group. Crimes were committed with a knife, and a pistol that were given to him. Akhmednabiev also called himself a supervisor in Izhevsk.

The Supreme court of the Udmurt Republic this summer sentenced him to life imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Now, when it became known his Moscow adventures, 41-year-old man was brought to the capital, where he will have to answer before the law for murder. By the way, on the neck Ahmednabiev Packed full of tattoo “innocent.”

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