Replacement encore: Alina Sagitova repeated the achievement Evgenia Medvedeva

While Evgeny Medvedev argued the Executive Committee of the IOC that Russia is impossible to prevent the Olympic games, 15-year-old Alina Sagitova, the world champion and the Junior Grand Prix final, won in the adult Grand Prix finals. And Maria Sotskova won the “silver”. And even injury Medvedeva (but Jack was twice winner of the final) did not allow the canadian Caitlin Osmond in Nagoya to rise above the third step of the podium.

photo: AP

Alina Sagitova forced to talk about myself in the last year, when it first appeared on the adult championship of Russia. First gently and then more strongly to the student of Eteri Tutberidze in the characteristics began to put the word “competitor”. And to whom? Two-time world champion and a sore loser, Evgenia Medvedeva, “sister” team Tutberidze.

However, in person the girls at the starts haven’t met – except once last championship of Russia. Then Sagitova was still is small. This year she won the Grand Prix in Beijing, then – the stage in Grenoble. And now – the final Grand Prix in Nagoya. Without injured Evgenia Medvedeva, where Alina publicly wished rather to return to the ice.

“Hire happy, working Sagitova told reporters after the free skate. – Were minor blots on its own, we can say the best jumps. In fact, the perfect rentals almost never happens. Every athlete will say that in software there are always bugs and mistakes, there is always something to improve. A few days will pass the championship of Russia. But the championship is a very serious start for me. I will try there’s a good roll to both programs and to give people a good a beautiful performance.”

By the way, it is possible that before the European championship (which will take place in Moscow in mid-January), meet Sagitova and Medvedeva will not take place. Evgeny Medvedev must be restored to the home championship, but their right to be in the national team she has proven many times (and this year too, no problems autobrowsing in the Grand Prix final). And you can probably spare the athlete, to let her recover completely.

Maria Sotskova in Nagoya was the second: “We have done a lot of work, and therefore the corresponding results. At the start I got a good short and long program. I’m happy with the result. But at the national championship, I want to show the level a little better. With experience comes confidence. Second, some of the qualities of my skating improve. It all comes with time. I’m glad I’m gradually making progress, not standing still and certainly doesn’t go down. Each start spurs me – we have to work even more. I think, last year to participate in the finals was easier because I was driving next to last or last room and felt completely relaxed. I just wanted to speak, to discover the sport. And now I come to the competition with the result.”

Women’s single skating of Russia in recent years knows very well what result can count on. Knows targeting it wants. And the best part is that the “solo performer” we are not alone.

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