Comedy Club apologized for “the Ingush escort”

The CEO of Comedy Club Production Andrei Levin 11 Dec arrived at the permanent mission of the Republic of Ingushetia in Moscow and personally apologized for the incident.


Production company engaged in the production of TV programs and serials, apologized for the room in which one of the participants played the role of girl escortsite from Ingushetia. In the video the management of an escort Agency, whose role went to Catherine Skulkina, scolds one of his employees, speaking with a strong Caucasian accent.

Users in social networks, in particular, noted:

“For the Caucasian peoples such antics will not be accepted as an innocent, harmless prank, especially when it comes to honor Ingush girl.”

“The only two republics, in Ingushetia and Chechnya — where there is no saunas with girls, where there is no public houses, the selling of women and know it most”.

In turn, the actress said that did not want to offend anyone. The text of apology was published on the website of the company on 10 December. “On behalf of the producers of the Comedy Club Production, co-Creator and writer of the show, we apologize and claimed that this number was created solely for the sake of humor and no subtext on national discrimination. The company will strengthen the monitoring of humorous content,” from treatment.

11 Dec CEO of Comedy Club Production Andrei Levin arrived at the permanent mission of the Republic of Ingushetia in Moscow and once again apologized.


“I, CEO of Comedy Club Production Andrei Levin, I want to Express my deepest apologies in connection with the material that came out,” — said Levin.

According to him, the company recognizes their mistake. The show was not aimed to offend anyone or insult, it was completely random. “I would like to say that this is an exceptional accident, a defect in the production of the ether, we recognize that,” he said.

In turn, head of the permanent mission Alikhan Tsechoev said that he to prevent illegal actions and threats in connection with the incident “will work” with the Ingush community.

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