Iwadare from Khabarovsk married in jail: “I’m cool!”

Geoderma Alena Savchenko, who is convicted for the brutal murder of animals, robbery and insulting the feelings of believers and inciting hatred and enmity, made behind bars the marriage of Artem Nechaev. The wedding was held on December 8 in SIZO No. 1 in Khabarovsk.

photo: animalreader.ru

About the characteristics that psychologists gave Savchenko, about the letters in her defense of rivederci, and what goal could be convicted, going “down the aisle”, we talked with the Chairman of the Khabarovsk regional public movement “Zoozaschita-DV” Natalia Kovalenko.

On his page Vkontakte Aliona Savchenko is now positioning itself as anetta Nechayev. The wedding was held in a SIZO No. 1 in Khabarovsk on 8 December. And convicted did not fail to boast of his new status. Posted photo of marriage certificate she was accompanied by the inscription: “395 days of my hangouts in prison. Hi Hayter (Hayter from the English word — hate, enemy, foe, hater. – Ed.) I’m doing great”.

Savchenko only in the summer is 18 years old. New husband older than his wife for 4 years. About Artem Nechaev is little known: he is originally from Yekaterinburg. As avatars on his page in the social network he put the image of a howling wolf. About yourself, Artem wrote: “the Man without a past”. As a native of the city said: “the Underworld”. One of the exhibited images of a bloody girl with a knife on his page labeled: “I’m not going to hurt you, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to stop.”

Marriage Savchenko, who regularly kill animals, using sadistic methods, has caused a flurry of negative feedback. But at the same time, more than four hundred people “liked” this post.

Savchenko and Nechaeva have colleagues who help them.

One user, hiding under the name “People of IKS” in the comments congratulated the couple and posted the resolution of the Khabarovsk regional court on a date with fiancé sentenced Savchenko with the purpose of marriage. Apparently, he paid the fee and received a marriage license in court.

“Be persistent as tumbler from the track Oxxxymiron. Survival of the fittest, but it defeats roly-poly” – he wrote in his farewell speech to the bride and groom…

– In relation to both zhivoderok, Alena Savchenko and Alina Orlova, was conducted comprehensive psycho-psychiatric examination. In the description they wrote: “Sane, childish, cynical,” – said the Chairman of the Khabarovsk regional public movement “Zoozaschita-DV” Natalia Kovalenko. Something that, for us, the cruelty, and for them is normal. The defendants really do not understand why such persecution? Around, say, poison dogs, and anyone not punished for it. And they killed homeless animals, and they “all attacked”. Surprisingly, there were a lot of young people who sympathized with Savchenko. During the year, while there was a trial, we received letters with a request to leave Alain alone. Guys wrote: “It is good, extraordinary girl, just stumbled”, “Alain, we need to support. I am ready to marry her”. So I was not surprised when I found out that she went behind bars to get married. Savchenko is still in prison, 21 December, will be known the outcome of the appeal, which was filed by the lawyers.

As for the wedding, the longer date, under existing legislation, Alena Savchenko is still not allowed. It has not yet arrived in the colony. As punishment she was appointed for 4 years and three months in a General regime colony. The year she already spent in jail. With good behaviour after two thirds of the time, she can go free. It is possible, Savchenko hopes to get pregnant, so she’s got time off.

We surprised – based on what uses Savchenko in the remand prison the mobile phone and the Internet?! We are going on this occasion to send a request to the Prosecutor.

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