The Ministry of education has approved the introduction of school lessons family happiness

The children’s Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova said that the Ministry of education has approved the introduction in schools of course selevedenie, but the specific details have yet to be developed.

“Subject “selevedenie” we said at the Congress (commissioners for the rights of the child.— ed.) in Belgorod, entering the home straight. Not long ago I returned from the meeting of the Academy of education development, which is developing it for this course. The Ministry of education essentially endorsed this theme”, — quotes RIA of “news” quote, Kuznetsova and the meeting of the ombudsmen.

An alternative name for selevedenie” is “lessons in happiness”: for them teaching has long advocated Kuznetsova.

Currently in 60 regions of Russia courses are taught “Moral foundations of family life” based on “Orthodox values”. It is sponsored by the priest Dmitry Moiseev and nun Nina (Krygina).

The latest in his lectures, gives tips on how to live as husband and wife at the same time, according to her own personal life she did not work: together with her son, she left her husband in the monastery.

In the course of the priest and nuns told, in particular, that the husband is the head of the family, family relations hierarchical, etc.

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