The transport Ministry announced: flights to Egypt will resume only after the New year

During a visit to Egypt by Russian President Vladimir Putin raised a topic that excites those who love to relax in a warmer climate is the ability to restore air links with Russia. However, an intergovernmental agreement on this subject has not yet been signed. Transport Minister Sokolov has reported that flights between Russia and Egypt may resume in February next year.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Security service of Russia reported to me that in General we are ready for the opening of direct flights between Moscow and Cairo,” said Putin after talks at the highest level in Egypt. According to him, this situation will require the signing of a relevant intergovernmental Protocol.

In turn, the head of Ministry of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov said that the Russian government is ready to sign the Protocol on links with Egypt: “the Ministry of transport and the Russian government we will be ready to do it this week”, – he told reporters. According to Sokolov, now it all depends on the Egyptian side

However, such encouraging statements over the past two years sounded before…

I think the security issues of air travel today is mostly lifted – said the head of the Russian Association of aircraft pilots Leonid Koshelev. – Many of my friends worked in Egypt, and helped them to establish a tough inspection of passengers. We need to admit that the aviation security service in Egypt was weak was no good. Countrymen, neighbors they trust in the word, no check. Here you also need to consider their respect for the army. If the airport comes officer, no one’s stopping. You bring what you want, put only on the shoulders straps. As far as I know, there now has really become much safer.

Even the Egyptians are offended by Moscow, they say, they, with our help, this Titanic work was done, and Russia does not resume flights. After we stopped there to fly, many countries also refused to air traffic. Egyptians believe that if Putin will restore the flights, other countries will immediately follow Russia. For them it is vital.

But while we are talking only about Cairo. And we are interested in Spa town!

– I hope that soon after Cairo will begin to fly to Hurghada, and Sharm El-Sheikh. Experts of the Ministry of transport there, too, worked long, “educated” Egyptian colleagues.

Of slip reports that Moscow was in talks with Cairo proposed in the security issues of the Israeli option. To meet and see the Russian tourists in Egypt needs Russian specialists…

– In Egypt, stood out of the Russian special zones for our aviation specialists from the security service — I do not know this. It’s a huge cost, tickets will be Golden. It’s easier to fly via Turkey or something different.

Recall that Russia stopped its flights to Egypt in November 2015 after the collapse of the Sinai to the plane of the Russian airline “Kogalymavia”. On Board, flying from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, there were 217 passengers and seven crew members, they all died. The FSB subsequently acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack.

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