Colonel Zakharchenko was suspected in the sale of the castle in London

The investigation suspected Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko in the acquisition of a castle in London during his service in the police: Thassa said one person familiar with the case source.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

According to him, during last Wednesday’s civil wife Marina Zakharchenko Semennoi a search of the FSB, “in addition to passports, were also asked to give them documents on foreign real estate owned by Zakharchenko, including the castle in London.”

It represents the interests of Semynina lawyer Alexander Karabanov says that she does not know about any castle: “My doveritelnyi not have any information and especially any real estate abroad. In addition, the money that she picked up today was the only cash remaining in life.”

We are talking about Semennoi seized approximately two thousand euros, phones, tablets, and some medical documents of children.

Besides, the consequence checks legality of the issuance of the passport Semynina, stating that the audit “will be decided in accordance with the current legislation”.

Version Karabanov, the investigators ‘ actions are illegal: thus, via searches, pressured into giving a confession Zakharchenko.

Recall that he is under arrest, only he and his relatives were seized about 9 billion rubles in different currencies.

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