Russian called Grammy winners, nearly one — Ukrainians

Remembering what elation gave us a Cord with group “Leningrad” every time powerfully put his rollicking creative bolt on “spiritual ties” in the course of various showbiz parties, events, marathons, festivals and other extremely “respectable” official events became absolutely sad, embarrassed and sad for the main rock-bully all Russia at the meeting on 13 December the ceremony of the First national music award.

Grigory Leps advised “the Poet of the year” Mikhail Gutseriev and further, “to improve skills”. Photo: press service PNMP

The cord, however, is broken. Strutted, as before, when uncompromisingly declared that “from the song words can not erase”, and sincerely artistic mother, at least in the Olympic stadium for large ceremonies, even before the Prime Minister’s wife, or even the Alla Pugacheva at the festivals in Sochi… Said: don’t like, not take. It remains only to bend the Kremlin.

But the artist himself has caved in under the changeable world. Guest set a guest star in the final hours of musical and extremely low-key ceremony without a single obscene word. Pants are “drop dead” like always have been such, the verbs “will saarasam” and “subbasin” shamefully replaced the strong words promoted on all the networks newest Thriller “the Voyage”, and all “Ecstasy” wrinkled until he is frigid moan… Really, from the song words can not erase. Something immediately disappeared from the “Leningrad” in this sacred moment of truth. The audience by inertia once danced to the familiar chords. But all was not…

In General, broken Cord on the Kremlin, as Napoleon Bonaparte… what was it all for him and the organizers? Well, really, gentlemen, or pants, or a cross. Rubens or to show or not to show, but not to stick with the same curious place in the classic paintings with a band-aid… a Link to the law here, too, is very conditional, because, as already mentioned, the Cord, when wanted, all the self everywhere is perfectly allowed, and for him it was nothing…

Nikolai Baskov said that will infect Victoria Lopyreva the ability to sing “sexually”. Photo: press service PNMP

Conformity, the most primitive, selfish and disgusting, for a long time, of course, was a sustainable paradigm of existence of the Russian show business. In this paradigm, chosen in sound mind and clear memory, it, however, if not suffocating, it is obviously degrading and stinks. Life-saving straw in a depressing and suffocating atmosphere remains, surprisingly, Ukrainian pop factor that has long been noted not only in the publications of “ZD”, but everyone and everywhere. It is a given: the Russian show-business is surviving largely due to the creative and fresh Ukrainian musical substance that thrives, flourishes, and everyone is trying to explain the reasons of this phenomenon.

The vote of the academics, formed the pool of winners of the current award, another proof: LOBODA — best pop singer of the year; ALEKSEEV — best pop artist of the year; “Vite have to go” from ESTRADARADA — the best dance track of the year, the soundtrack “And I’m no” Tree — best song for the film; and finally, the best song of the year in the country, Russia has become a “Melting ice” from the Ukrainian “Mushrooms”. Five of the 16 categories minus two classic, where statuettes were given to the pianist Denis Matsuev and soprano Anna Netrebko.

Classic nomination still look somewhat awkward in the context of pop music in General of the award, and their content and principles of formation, probably, should become the subject of serious thought for the organizers, but that their presence was one of the factors that give any reason to speak about “Russian Grammy”, and on a ceremony in Moscow came to Bob Santelli, founder of the Grammy Museum in America, and not only brought the exhibition of outfits of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, but also said an inspiring speech about the future cooperation and about as “music has connected us”.

“Pop artist of the year” ALEKSEEV, gathering all the major Ukrainian awards, and took Russian. Photo: press service PNMP

Awarded both “classics” in Moscow, however, was not, but that’s classic note was the most dramatic, sublime and touching moment of the evening when the audience stood up to honor the memory of the departed from the life of Dmitri Hvorostovsky and the composer Igor Krutoy and poetess Lilia Vinogradova Toi et Moi, which the famous baritone sang a duet with Lara Fabian, the Kremlin laid out in three voices and shrill sang in French, Polina Gagarina, Ani Lorak and Dima Bilan. In the final “join” the voice and the Maestro Hvorostovsky with that memorable record, and this was perhaps the emotional highlight of the evening.

Standing all this time was a lot. Rose in memory of Viktor Tsoi, who would have turned 55 this year, and gave recognition of the merits of the composer Eduard Artemyev in honor of his 80th birthday, noted the contribution to the pop art of the 75-year-old Lev Leshchenko… 55-year-old Grigoriy Leps by standing not paid, but awarded the song “I miss the old us” as the “Best urban romance”. The actor emphasized, however, that loves rock music, “and I can hear it in my songs”. So, apparently, not only sang, but also announced winners in the category “Rock”. They were “Bi-2” with the song “Likes”, but in the absence of winners of the statuette went to Natasha Koroleva, which is “the soul has always been rocersa”.

Three songs most in demand now in the Russian show business songwriter Mikhail Gutseriev has collected awards: already called “urban romance” lady Gaga, “Chimera” and “Heart is a house for love”, the latter was the basis for the award-winning author the title of “Poet of the year”. Less obvious it seemed Lavra “composer of the year” Igor Matvienko for the song “Live”, but academics, apparently, are imbued with the background of works composed by the author in memory of the victims of the crash of the Russian plane over the Sinai and recorded an impressive choir of 27 artists.

Photo: press service PNMP

The nomination “Pop group”, unlike the Rock, managed, fortunately, to be presented personally to the winners of group I. O. W. A. Soloist Katya ivanchikova was breathless with happiness. “I — said — I do not understand, I’m in shock, I was not prepared”. Not only she, but many other laureates all sorts of antics, jokes, interjections and rolling out the eyes from their sockets emphasized the “surprise” rewards that was supposed to prove absolute “impartiality and honesty award”. Sometimes it looked already annoying and ridiculous, because it is difficult to imagine that on the same Grammy danced around only one theme — “honesty award”. But it is also our reality. The honesty in our rush for some reason no one believes, and often beat his chest and jump out of the pants, something to prove…

■ ■ ■

A phrase party is without a doubt was the pearl TV presenter Yana Churikova, the reasoning of which is that “it was the year of rap, and there are many young interesting guys,” the host Andrei Malakhov suddenly summed up by the question: “should we Wait for then the battle between Baskov and Kirkorov?” Taken aback by such a train of thought his colleague Ian thought for a moment, but quickly found: “There are some ancient epic battle”. The room fell silence. “Punch!” — snapped Jan. That is: “Beat, huh?!”

However, despite all the “young boys”, the best in hip-hop was recognized as still Basta (Vasily Vakulenko), whose essay “Samsara,” given in concert showed that even the lumpen genre can be not only sharp, cocky and monotonous, but deep and melodious…

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