The doctors said that the killed participant of the TV project “Dom-2”

Media quoted doctors said a preliminary examination of the data by which to judge what was the cause of death of the participant of TV project “Dom-2” by Maria Natalia Politov. Earlier, 30-year-old woman was found after a week of searching dead on the doorstep of his grandfather.

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According to doctors, whose names are not called, the cause of death of Maria Natalia Politov was intoxication with inhibitors through inflated alkaloids. There was a jump in blood pressure and liver failed. Some of family member “House-2” insist on the fact that a full examination was not performed, reports REN-TV.

Earlier, as reported by MKRU, law enforcement sources suggested that the young woman died after eating depressants and alcohol. The corpse of Natalia Politov found the volunteers on missing persons “Lisa Alert” on Wednesday at their summer cottage in the village zagoryanskiy. Lost half sitting, leaning against the fence. Her body stiff from the cold. Maria Politova was wanted since December 4.

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