Did not have time to get a divorce: more wild stories with the separation of hands

The actions of the police officers who confined to a preventive conversation with the inhabitant of Serpukhov by Dmitry Grachev, cuts the hand of his wife, will be given a legal assessment. At the same time, the question remains: why the guardians of the law are not attracted to administrative responsibility manifested aggression man? Many women suffering from domestic violence to long suffering husbands tyrants, just afraid to hurt them, experts say.

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As it became known “MK”, 25-year-old Margarita Gracheva appealed for help to the police. She wrote on her spouse and father of her two children statement a month before the incident. She said that Dimitri intimidates and uses force. Margaret tried to divorce him, tortured from groundless jealousy, but her husband did not released, threats, forcing him to live. Then the officer only talked “heart to heart” with Dmitry. A few weeks passed and jealous relapsed. Him under the pretext he had brought his wife into the forest, where he began to torture her, demanding to confess to treason. During execution, he demanded from the victim to the children after the divorce stayed with him. Then in the course went the ax. Sadist cut off her fingers, shattered one wrist, and the other was cut off. He brought the woman to the hospital. Doctors miraculously managed to save one hand Margarita. Now Her family are raising money for rehabilitation. While the woman remains in intensive care.

Husband-sadist, was taken into custody. Grachev was never able to convincingly explain the act, but found guilty. He calmly talked about the massacre. Even claimed that repents. Although it was hard to believe him. He said that he went to the police. A criminal case under article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”. He could face 15 years in prison.

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Relatives of Margaret believes that her husband was not going to kill her, but he wanted to cause her suffering for life.

In the opinion of the psychiatrist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov, a resident of Serpukhov suffers from schizophrenia, which can develop quite slowly. The family tolerated his aggression and temper, taking over the character traits.

As reported in GU MVD of Moscow region, the district police officer who spoke with Dmitry Grachev, will check on the issue of inaction in relation to the complaint of Margarita.

Lawyer Galina Tarasova believes that the police in such cases were to attract a husband-the sadist to administrative responsibility, but they could keep it to make itself the victim.

The situation, of course, are different. Approximately 50% of the calls the police have to family conflicts. Question: what exactly reported the injured woman and asked in the end? It is, for example, asked to take measures to the spouse or just complained about him. In some cases, the precinct is limited to preventive conversation, others may be brought to administrative responsibility for beating, in the manner prescribed by the administrative code. The Prosecutor’s office now has the right to evaluate the actions of the police, how they reacted adequately to the situation. In practice there are many cases when women refuse to write a statement, because I do not want her husband arrested. Or take it themselves later statement after reconciliation.

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