Lipetsk deputies showed security forces arranged their colleagues pogrom in the cafe

During the session of Council of deputies of Lipetsk region one of the deputies raised the issue of “police-gangster lawlessness” in the city of Elets. Pavel Evgrafov was told about the incident in cafe “Karakum”, reinforcing his words with a videotape of the incident there are mass beatings of visitors.

The incident in the cafe occurred on the night of November 18. According to the recording near the institution stopped the van, from which sprang men in masks. They are on the move and attacked the people standing at the entrance to the cafe, and then rushed into the room itself.

The visitors laid on the floor, beat feet and handles of guns, also used stun guns. In the end, people were detained, taken to the police and then released without charges.

According to the Deputy, the incident was indicative of deterrence: that a few weeks before at another cafe during the fight with the representatives of local criminals injured a police officer.

However, in the “Karakum” at the time there were no representatives of the criminal world, says people’s Deputy. It is noteworthy that among the victims in the attack of security forces was a police officer acting, writes GOROD48.

Note that the day before in a course a press-conferences the President of Russia Vladimir Putin admitted that even punitive measures to tackle corruption in the power structures.

Putin complained about not frightened “werewolves” in the power structures

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