NPF Future” and “Safmar” sold shares of PSB before the announcement of the reorganization

About this “Interfax” reported two sources in the financial market

– Non-state pension funds “the Future” and “Safmar” sold its 10 per cent stakes in Promsvyazbank “Moscow exchange”. About this informed the Agency “Interfax” two sources in the financial market.

On Friday, December 15, the CBR announced the implementation of measures to improve the financial sustainability of PSB. The day before the transfer of the Bank to reorganize on “Moscow stock exchange” were recorded fantastic for PSB stock turnover of 16.5 billion rubles.

The interlocutors of “Interfax” reported, who acted as the counterparty to these transactions.

Review of NPF “the Future” has not yet been obtained. A source close to the Fund said that the portfolio of “Future” at this moment there are no shares of PSB.

NPF Safmar has not commented on the situation with the shares of PSB. A source close to the Fund said that for these securities the Fund does not see risk of a negative revaluation.

Their stakes in Promsvyazbank these two pension Fund purchased in 2015 from the SPO of the credit institution.

In may 2015 from the SPO PSB pension funds of the group “BIN” (now NPF Safmar) acquired approximately 10% of its shares for 6.9 billion rubles, the company Promsvyaz Capital brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev. Another 10% of the shares purchased NPF “Welfare of OPS” (now NPF “the Future” Boris mints) also 6.9 billion rubles. The transaction passed through “Moscow exchange”. Obtained as a result of these transactions the amount of Promsvyaz Capital later made the capital of the Bank in the form of property contribution.

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