Danish area on 16 and 17 December

16 DEC

Day realtor.

The independence day of Kazakhstan.

1237 — the beginning of the siege of Ryazan by Batu Khan’s army.

1942 . Soviet forces defeated the Italian army, covering the flank of the advancing Stalingrad Manstein army.

1952 — the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the political rights of women.

1997 — after watching one episode of anime “Pokemon” in the hospitals of Japan were delivered to children with signs of epilepsy.

17 DEC

Day of missile forces of strategic purpose.

Day employees of the State courier service of the Russian Federation.

1887 — V. Ulyanov first arrested over student unrest and expelled from Kazan University.

1932 — the Soviet Union established the chief Directorate of the Northern sea route.

1937 — blown Cathedral of the Archangel ancient Chudov monastery. Then destroyed and the monastery itself.

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