“I thought, dead journalists are now all in a special Paradise”

Friday, December 15, the remembrance Day of journalists killed in the performance of professional duties.

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Most recently, in early October, the Swedish journalist Kim Valle killed a Danish businessman, the owner of a private submarine. She wrote an article about it for popular science magazine. He invited her into a little swimming, to show how to run the submarine. The police found in the flooded submarine her dismembered body without a head, arms and legs.

Two weeks later killed Daphne Karuna Galicia, a Maltese journalist. Her car was a bomb. She exploded when someone called Daphne’s cell phone. The journalist was investigating the Prime Minister of Malta, on the Panamanian offshore companies.

On the same day when he killed Galicia, but 23 years earlier, murdered Dmitry Kholodov. He planted an explosive device in the briefcase with the allegedly secret materials about the theft in the Russian army. He was investigating corruption among senior military officials.

Larissa Yudin, editor of the independent newspaper “the Soviet Kalmykia today”, was killed in her apartment in Elista.

Killer on the court told me that he hit her on the head with a metal leg from a table, strangled by a nylon cord and struck with a knife. Then took the body to the pond and drowned. On water harvested from the body of Larissa, the forensic experts discovered more than 50 knife wounds. She denounced the regional authorities of corruption.

The decapitated body of Ukrainian journalist Georgy Gongadze in 2000 was found in the woods near Kiev, was involved in killing senior police officials.

Belarusian journalist Pavel Sharamet killed in Kiev in his car, an explosive device was laid under the bottom.

Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in the stairwell.

Natalia Estemirova was kidnapped, stuffed in the car, and then threw the body to the side.

Natalia Alyakina shot by ordinary military service — accidentally pulled the trigger heavy machine gun armored personnel carriers.

Photojournalist Andrei Stenin was killed in the Donetsk region near the village of Snow. Ukrainian military fired high-explosive bombs on a column of refugees. Ten cars of civilians were killed. One found the body of Andrew.

Under the Lugansk under mortar fire killed Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin. The fire was aiming at journalists filming a report on refugees.

Anatoly Klyan, a cameraman, was fatally wounded during the shelling of the bus under the Avdeevka. Went with the mothers of conscripts to the command part, they sought the return of the sons home.

There, under the plant, under mortar fire killed Italian journalist Andrea Rockelli and Russian Andrei Mironov. Mironov I knew from Chechnya. Met twenty years ago when I was trying to look for the missing there the St. Petersburg journalists ‘ Maxim Shabalin and Felix Titov. Their remains are still not found.

And the Hope of Tikovoi, my friend, are lucky. Colleagues found her body under the Geghi. A local resident pointed out the grave of a Russian woman. Nadia was killed by a stray bullet. Chechen rebels held her captive for several days and then shot in the head.

In Chechnya I have met Galina Kovalskaya, she wrote a lot about the war. But died not there, but near Chita — together with photographer Ruslan by Jamalova. They were preparing a report on forest fires. The helicopter, from which the journalists were filming extinguishing the fire, fell into the burning forest.

And there was this girl, Cynthia, Elbaum. American journalist, very young, 19 years old. She died in the beginning of the Chechen war. Night “drying” bombed the neighborhood of a Minute, and the next morning journalists went there and was hit by another airstrike. Cynthia decapitated.

Cynthia I didn’t know, but I remember her. Actually, I remember many fallen colleagues. And those who knew and those who never saw. But even in the Day of remembrance of killed journalists of all I do not remember.

So I just think that they are now all in heaven. Special a journalistic Paradise. Sea exclusive information and a crowd of prominent personalities, whom you can ask any questions — they answer to everything.

Travel, investigations, unique photographs, exciting stories, search for truth, revelations and discoveries.

Usual journalistic work indeed. The same as to treat the teeth, to repair plumbing, drive train.

But in journalistic heaven people do not die because of their work. Only this difference.

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