Pavel Durov can be linked to the attempted terrorist attack in the Kazan Cathedral

Vyborgsky district court of St. Petersburg was arrested Evgeniya Efimova for the manufacture of explosives. Man suspected of preparing a series of terrorist attacks, including in the Kazan Cathedral. Probably he was part of the United the terrorist groups acting under the auspices of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. According to investigators, the attackers kept in touch through messenger Telegram, founded by Pavel Durov. “Roskomnadzor” bore him more than one warning, so the story caught the terrorist, could be the final reason to ban this means of communication in Russia.

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According to preliminary information, 18-year-old Eugene Efimov collected the explosive device allegedly to undermine the Kazan Cathedral on 16 or 17 December. Thus Yefimov was building a bomb in a metal garage in Lithuanian the street. On December 11 garage owner came to see the property, feel chemical smell, opened the door with duplicate key and saw a lot of strange drugs. Then he addressed in law enforcement bodies.

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Ironically, the news about the arrest of terrorist Efimova appeared in the press after its publication in the telegrams channel United press-services of the municipal courts, however, at the time of claims by various government departments messenger Pavel Durov did not protect even the fact that he is very fond of the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. But then it was the actions stipulated by the laws on the regulation of Internet and communication, which are called “Spring package”. This time, we are talking about the real fact of the organization’s terrorist activities through a hidden channel that allows you to register the service. It happens so, what to monitor its members almost impossible. Led terrorists, according to investigators, from abroad.

To challenge the “Spring package” as much as anything, many experts believe it is unconstitutional. In addition, recently a lawyer Damir Gaynutdinov from human rights group “Agora” representing interests of Pavel Durov, has sent a letter to UN asking to protect the messaging service, which has long been under the threat of blocking on the territory of Russia.

But one thing Spring with its laws, the other terrorists…

“I think it could be a real reason for closure of the service in Russia, – said the lawyer Andrei Makarov. – Moreover, in the worst scenario for her can be charged with aiding and abetting terrorism. In principle, given that he thoroughly angered the Russian authorities, charging him with such accusations don’t seem so absurd. And for the UN, the word “terrorism” is not an empty sound, international organizations will think twice before to stand up for her”.

A lawyer representing interests of Pavel Durov to contact me failed, he situation has not yet commented.

From the latest news – the actor who made his fortune on social networks, settled in Dubai and recently increased their capital through successful games in the year of cryptocurrency.

Expert in the field of Internet Andrey Lebedev, in turn, believes that the FSB transfer its defects to owners of the messengers.

“To catch terrorists in our country there are special agencies. Ban the messengers, attackers will be contacted by telephone. What’s next? The ban of mobile communication, paper mail? It’s a vicious circle and we can only hope that our country will not go the way of insulation, and will organize the work of the intelligence services to capture terrorists,” he says.

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