Alexei Ulyukayev after the first night in jail: “Fed up”

Alexei Ulyukayev, who was in court on Friday sentenced to 8 years in a strict regime colony, spent his first night in jail. For any prisoner’s first night in captivity are the most difficult. Rarely can sleep, and dreams have been disturbing or even horrible.

Reviewer “MK” I checked the conditions of detention of ex-Minister in the “Grand Central.”

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The speaker was placed in the Federal detention centre No. 1, the so-called “Kremlin Central.” For the FSIN – a special thank you, because in “Lefortovo” the former Minister, perhaps, would not survive. And not just because it’s an insulator, “the nineteenth century” (there is a tiny camera, no hot water, prohibited much of what has long been permitted in other centres). And “the Kremlin Central” at the moment – the best of the detention center not only in Moscow but throughout the country. It contains with Ulyukaev 103 prisoners.

The prisoners “of the Kremlin Central” about the arrest of ex-Minister was read in the morning papers that they receive. Almost every camera has requested that the speaker put it to them.

Sure to find out how it was posted, if he’s OK and give him my regards as a poet, unexpectedly gave the ex-mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. Prisoners speaker support and is clearly sorry. Many watched the trial. “If he falls to us in camera, we will help him to adapt,” notice “sideltsy”.

However, the speaker expressed his desire to be alone.

– Sick and tired of communicating, says ex-Minister. – If possible, I’d like to stay at least for a while one. I would be psychologically difficult, if the camera will be new people.

The speaker is now under quarantine (lasts up to 10 days), it means that he is alone in his cell. But then it needs someone to settle, or he himself to be transferred to another chamber, where people are at. This prospect Alexei Valentinovich not very pleased. By the way, the law allows to remain in solitary confinement prisoner, if there is danger to their lives or is necessary for medical reasons. The psychological state may be such grounds. So perhaps the prison authorities will meet Ulyukayev.

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– And on house arrest you were alone?

– No, home was with me family. But it’s different. It is quite another. But if now someone going to be loud to watch TV, attempt to converse with me — I don’t need it. We need to think about everything.

Here the staff gave a pen some paper. Will write.

Diaries or poetry?

And then, and more. The poems I have published three books.

– Poems sad?

– On the freedom recently wrote sad. But maybe there are others? It’s not that bad. I expected it to be worse.

– And you’ve never been in any prison, in any prison? I mean, on trips, on the check or as a guest.

– No, it was not necessary. Although, when he was Deputy Minister of Finance, was responsible for funding the prison system, then more GUYS. But so to look — was not necessary.

– You hoped you were not arrested on Friday?

– I had no illusions about the unjust sentence. But I thought that before the appeal to change the measure of restraint will not. The sentence indeed does not enter into force before the appeal. Why put in jail? I could stay on house arrest, because for all the time I never violated the terms. I was sure that I was not arrested, because it is not necessary.

Why would he get on the court with them things?

The lawyer said: “Take not be worse”. Yes, I put it in my bag just socks and pants, and shoved until the wife saw that she wasn’t worried. Even a toothbrush didn’t take.

– Then you have to give. You last night in jail fed?

– No, it was too late. But that’s okay. I’m not picky. The Breakfast was. Cereal-grains. I ate it all. And without gear and parcels will be able to live indefinitely. All is good here, clean, bright. All right. To be alone now to me is more valuable than anything else.

…The camera is the speaker is large and it has a fridge (yet completely empty), a small TV, isolated bathroom and three iron beds. The speaker asks the acting chief of the detention center, standing in the doorway, sit down, or he says he will be uncomfortable when sitting.

Mr Ulyukayev gave the impression of an intelligent, delicate, educated, calm. Superfluous will not ask, will not ask. But listens carefully and tries to remember the rules that apply in “Grand Central.” Even in jeans and a black t-shirt he somehow does not impress, not a simple prisoner. But the walls of this infirmary saw not a single Governor, mayor and other Federal leaders.

The speaker is pleasantly surprised to learn about the service “email” and the fact that in jail there is a gym.

And here the Mat on which to do? I do gymnastics in the morning.

– The doctor examined you?

– Yes, all right. Last night I got excited and jumped pressure. And now all is well. Tell my family that they were not worried. No need to shed my tears. It’s just such an episode in my life. I can live with that.

Tell everyone that you are it’s not going to die? – -we joke.

Yes. As the saying goes, do not wait (smiles).

– In captivity the hardest tolerated?

– All tolerable. Don’t know why to handcuff me why this “hands behind your back, face to the wall”? People are different, it is necessary to differentially approach. One can hardly think that I would jump on someone. And these demands diminish human dignity. I habitually check the time, watch the clock, and which are not. Why not in jail watch? Because life here is routine, and how it is possible to observe, if there is no time?

– This is what we recently said the arrested ex-Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service Oleg Korshunov. But when he still held his post, he didn’t hear us — we told him and then about the clock, and much more…

Yes, but you have to see it through, to understand.

– You need a psychologist or some doctor?

Psychologist I good. Need a dentist, but today he had me take. The judge didn’t let me go to the dentist, when I asked, being on house arrest.

– But why did they refuse?

I do not know.

But here is a very good female dentist, even spoiled by the inmates-the oligarchs say she has hands of gold.

– You have pleased me this news.

– How did you sleep, after all, the first night in unfamiliar conditions for you?

– In principle a good idea, although lately I’ve been sleeping uneasily. Thank you for being worried. Tell everyone words of thanks. I once asked journalists at the court — what’s the point in all this? I said, “Maybe it will benefit the country.”

– You mean that people watching the process over you will understand much-are aware of?


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